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Culturekiosque welcomes and encourages letters to the editor and comments from its readers, in English or in French, and we delight in publishing such feedback for the benefit of our entire readership. However, we have taken the decision not to implement the "Web 2.0" functionalities that allow for instant feedback forums, however de rigueur such forums may seem nowadays. Call us terribly old-fashioned, if you must, but we find that the forums can often devolve into something less than the substantive sharing of reasoned ideas for which the technology was developed. 

We offer the following policy guidelines:

Letters to the editor or comments should be exclusive to Culturekiosque. "Open letters," lobbying statements, position papers and submissions sent originally to other media outlets, individuals, agencies, government representatives, blogs or online forums will not be considered for publication.

Culturekiosque prefers letters and comments that reference features, editorials, reviews, interviews or news items published in Culturekiosque. 

Letters and comments may be edited for grammar and clarity.

It is the policy of Euromedia Group Ltd. to publish letters and comments in Culturekiosque supporting or opposing a particular issue within a reasonable ratio reflecting both sides.

All letters and comments will be verified for authenticity. They must be accompanied by a full name, address, daytime telephone number and, if faxed or mailed, be signed. E-mail submissions are preferred and can be sent to editors@culturekiosque.com for English language submissions and redacteurs@culturekiosque.com for those in French.

Letters and comments may be used in digital form in any publication or service authorized by Euromedia Group Ltd., publishers of Culturekiosque.com.

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