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Since its debut in 1996, Culturekiosque has been mentioned in any number of
press publications and has won dozens of awards from sites all across the Web.

Here are some recent press mentions of Culturekiosque from major press organizations worldwide.

Edison Magazine

Top Magazines for Following Art News
23 January 2012

If the individual is interested in what is happening in the European art markets, then they may want to consider taking a look at Culture Kiosque. This magazine includes news and features of opera stars, concerts, and dance. Whatever cultural news the indivual is seeking in the international arena, they can probably find it at the Culutre Kiosque magazine. What’s more, the magazine is available in English, French and German. The editorial staff search the world for the latest information for the readers.


Foodsite Picks 2011
31 January 2012

CULTURE KIOSQUE CYBERCHEF – A magazine filled with very interesting, thought-provoking food articles.


January 2011: Winner of Art Blog of the Year Award (Arts Media Contacts, UK)

Culture Kiosque
Culture Kiosque is one of the longest-standing online guides to the arts. Truly pan-European, it has an eclectic mix of discussion on art, cuisine, archeology and jazz all in the same space, along with great images.

The Fifi Report 054 - "Chic Happens"

15 April 2010


It’s true, you can get all the latest tidbits of hot, culture news with The FiFi Report (in Globetrotter) but if you’re traveling and want more indepth information on where to find the best jazz, opera, theatre and exhibitions in the world, then I insist you log on here. It’s "The European Guide to Arts, Culture and Entertainment Worldwide". The design is a bit confusing, but it is full of information for culture vultures. Click on any section like Opera, Jazz, Klassic, or Art and Archeology, and there’s even a Cyberchef section (that I will scour for any hot recipes) with interviews with celebrity chefs such as Michel Roux. Hours of reading.


April 2009

Culture Junkie

From art to music to gourmet cuisine, keep up with the latest cultural news and trends with this online site

If you like to keep abreast of all the latest happenings in art and culture around the world, let Culturekiosque.com be your guide. This award-winning online publication boasts a supremely informed staff of journalists from the world's top publications, including Time Magazine, BBC News, the Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune and more.

They scour the planet for its most cultural offerings in the culinary world, art and archeology, dance, jazz and classical music, film, pop culture and opera. With articles published in French, English and German, Culture Kiosque delivers exclusive coverage of products and events in Europe, North American and the rest of the world.

If you are a regular jet-setter, be sure to keep up with its Travel Calendar, which offers up-to-date information on the coolest exhibitions and concerts in major cities around the world. Don't miss the Highlights section, which features performances and shows so cool that you'll want to make a spontaneous side trip just so you won't miss out.  See Culturekiosque.com


Special Issue: Europe

Ask T+L

Do you know of any Web sites for finding tickets to live concerts throughout Europe? —Alena Smirnov, Menlo Park, Calif.

The Travel Calendar at CultureKiosque.com, where international critics weigh in on everything from Vienna chamber concerts to London pop shows, is a good place to start, though you can’t book directly from the site.



Best of the net

When to go where
Sean Dodson
The Guardian Saturday August 25 2007

What's missing is a little culture. A site like Culture Kiosque (culturekiosque.com/travel), which sets out a calendar of events across the world, would need to be attached to information about crowds and climate to make up the site of our dreams. On its own, the site is excellent, perhaps the only place in the world that places Bjork's concert in an amphitheatre in Nîmes next to the WWE Smackdown! in Paris next month. The Kiosque also has news of foreign festivals...


On Air: The Air Canada e-zine for people on the go - March 2007

Web Tools

Culture vulture
By Lauren Wells

Culturekiosque.com provides coverage on what's on and what's worthwhile in arts and culture across North America and Europe. With reporting from international journalists and critics, it's a great resource for reviews or to find out what hot concerts or exhibitions are coming up worldwide.

Envol, le cybermagazine d’Air Canada pour les voyageurs à la page - Mars 2007 

Trucs Web

Culture illimitée
Par Lauren Wells

Culturekiosque.com vous permet de vous renseigner sur l'actualité artistique et culturelle nord-américaine et européenne. Grâce aux reportages et aux critiques de journalistes de partout dans le monde, vous y trouverez les spectacles ou les expositions qui vous plairont!


Open Culture
(Weblog and Podcasts)
Dan Colman, Director, Stanford University Continuing Studies Program
2 January 2007

CulturekiosqueCulture Kiosque: The Euro Guide to Culture

Some like culture, and some like Culture -- art, symphony and opera, jazz and dance, the works. For the Big C culture fan, Culturekiosque is a score. It's a high-quality webzine that lets you keep your finger on the pulse of the international culture scene. The site notably offers an events calendar that lists cultural events taking place across the world, something that travelers might appreciate. It also features more substantive articles and reviews, which, although written in English, are not limited to the cultural happenings in the Anglophone world. (The site explicitly refers to itself as "The European Guide to Arts and Culture Worldwide.") So, while you'll get Culturekiosque's take on how things went down at this year's Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert, you'll also get their view on how the Orchestre de Paris is faring under its new German conductor. Also worth a particular mention is the web site's special jazz series called Sons of Miles, a 41-part series that looks back at Miles Davis and the many jazz musicians he influenced. A great resource for the jazz aficianado. To access many parts of the site, users will need to register

Toronto, Ontario

Times of London Online
15 April 2006

The arts online


"The European Guide to Arts and Culture Worldwide", Culturekiosque is a worthy and longstanding primer on the personalities and events at the highbrow end of the arts spectrum. Thankfully devoid of the Anglo-centricism that afflicts similar English-language sites, it has sections devoted to art, archaeology, haute cuisine, opera, jazz, dance and classical music, as well as film and cutting-edge pop culture. It is being upgraded, but content is still regularly added. Registration is required, but it is free.


Toronto, Ontario

Times of London Online
29 April 2006

Top five websites

This week: Miles Davis

You have to register, but once you do you will gain access to the superlative 41- part series on the musicians who were influenced by or were important to the man, written by Mike Zwerin, the former Davis sideman. www.culturekiosque.com/jazz/miles/rhemiles1.htm

Travel + Leisure Magazine Travel + Leisure

August 2004


Culturekiosque.com features artist interviews, reviews, and extensive listings of cultural events worldwide, plus critics' picks of the best in music, art, and film.

The Globe and Mail
Toronto, Ontario
The Globe And Mail
8 January 2003

"Another good source of event information is culturekiosque.com, which bills itself as "The European Guide to Arts, Culture and Entertainment Worldwide" (though its content is focused primarily on North America and Europe). The site is divided into six distinct sections, including art and archeology, dance and opera, but it's the world event calendar that keeps in-the-know globetrotters informed of key cultural happenings in major cities. The calendar listings provide overviews of events and links to other sources of information."

The New York Times
16 June 2002

"For those with international travel plans, Culturekiosque.com [is a] good alternative.... The site's calendar, which covers North America and Europe, makes up in quality what it lacks in quantity. Culturekiosque editors and contributors update its reviews and listings daily, conferring stars on outstanding events."

anwaltsreport -
					 Magazin für Anwälte Anwaltsreport - Magazin für Anwälte
German Monthly Magazine for Lawyers
June 2002

Was den User auf dieser Site erwartet, das kann sich wirklich sehen lassen. Die ganze Welt des Films, der Musik und des Tanzes auf hervorragend gestalteten und übersichtlich präsentierten Seiten. Wer der nächste Oscarpreisträger wird, mag noch in den Sternen stehen. Culturekiosque wagt schon mal eine Prognose mit teils überraschenden Vermutungen. Aber auch Klassikfans kommen nicht zu kurz. Der nächste Opernabend dürfte gerettet sein.

					 The Magazine of United Airlines Hemispheres
The Magazine of United Airlines
October 2001
Euro-Culture Online
"If your travel plans include Europe, bookmark www.culturekiosque.com. The site offers information on cutting-edge cultural events in scores of interesting locations."

{Best of the Web Summer 2001 - Paris Best of Web été 2001
Best of Web Magazine Summer 2001: Paris, France

The Sunday Times of London
7 January 2001

" ...Sites such as these prove that the web can accommodate lofty cultural aims... the multi-award-winning, if somewhat arch, Culture Kiosque (www.culturekiosque.com) also offers a selection of subsidiary magazines devoted to society and the arts. Essays outlining how procedures in the most intellectually boring election in American history conceal an insidious acceptance of censorship, nestle alongside pieces as diverse as the subject of swing under the Nazis, and a paean to the braised heart of lettuce, much neglected in British cookery. Which is criminal, apparently."

Brill's Content, April 2000
Best of the Web: Diversions
"...[Culturekiosque's] European sensibility transports you to a smoky café on Paris's Left Bank. The e-zine, which uses spare design, dark colors, and simple fonts, offers Cultural Coverage of Europe and North America. There's a mix of listings information and feature stories, so you can read a review of the recent Honoré Daumier exhibit at Paris's Grand Palais or check on the closing date of the Jasper Johns exhibit at the Yale University Art Gallery.

The real treasures are the stories about emerging bands and artists in Europe, such as the December profile by Time magazine writer Bruce Crumley of the French music group Zebda, which draws on various musical styles and influences. Culturekiosque's editors and contributors represent a broad range of publications, including the International Herald Tribune, The Wall Street Journal Europe, the German daily Handelsblatt, France's Le Monde newspaper, and Britain's Financial Times."

  Los Angeles Times

A Wide World of Music Is Always at Your Fingertips
By Don Heckman, Don Heckman is The Times' jazz writer

Culturekiosque is a European site covering various aspects of the arts on the Continent. It includes a jazz segment devoted to the writings of International Herald Tribute jazz columnist Mike Zwerin, one of the most astute and insightful of jazz commentators. (http://www.culturekiosque.com/index.htm)

france 2 France 2 Télévision
Cyber: Sur le Net et dans la presse
"On vous le redit: c'est très bien et c'est bilingue (français-anglais). On y parle jazz, archéologie, musique classique (les concerts, la scène lyrique, les meilleurs disques...). En un mot: le site de l'actualité culturelle européenne."

Liberation Libération

"Culturekiosque: la culture sans toc!"

tf1 TF1 Télévision
L'essentiel du Web

"Un magazine culturel européen recensant les critiques des meilleurs chroniqueurs continentaux. Un mélange des genres brassant Jazz et Opéra, Art moderne et Gastronomie et offrant de nombreux articles en français. Pour redécouvrir un espace culturel européen n'ayant rien à envier à son grand rival américain."

USA Today USA Today
Web Guide: USA Today Hot Site

Global Culture

"Welcome to the Global Village, courtesy of Culturekiosque. You'll find features, criticism and interviews about culture, cuisine and technology in English, French and German. The transatlantic connection doesn't get better than this." http://www.culturekiosque.com

npr NPR Online

"Klassiknet compiles CD and concert criticism with an intelligent yet readable feel."

Accolades such as these prove it - Culturekiosque's quality, global reach and depth of content make it an unparalleled resource on the Web for those seeking to know what's best on the Web.

Have you seen Culturekiosque in the press? Please contact the editors at editors@culturekiosque.com to let us know!

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