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Culturekiosque Media Kit

Culturekiosque, a publication of Euromedia Group, Ltd., is an online publication dedicated to serving the cultural and intellectual needs of the worlds' online readers. Culturekiosque features content regarding classical music, opera, and jazz, and provides stimulating and thought provoking pieces on art and archaeology, popular music and culture, cuisine, technology, and scheduled cultural events throughout the world.

Culturekiosque's writers are published online exclusively in Culturekiosque, and include top cultural authors in Europe and North America. Culturekiosque's writers have been published in Le Monde, Time Magazine, The Financial Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Village Voice, The Wall Street Journal, Europe, Fanfare, BBC Music Magazine, Opera , The Guardian, Suddeutsche Zeitung, The Observer, and many other major media outlets around the world.

For more details about Culturekiosque, click here.

Advertising In Culturekiosque

Culturekiosque offers several forms of advertisement which are detailed below:

For major advertisers, we can also create a range of custom advertising opportunities. Please address all advertising-related correspondence and inquiries to our advertising department .

Classified Advertising

For many clients, classified advertising is an affordable, straightforward method of placing advertising in Culturekiosque. Rates for a 30 day insertion are: $25.00 for up to 25 words, $0.50 per word over 25, $5 for a bold headline of up to seven words or fifty characters. Email addresses, phone numbers and URLs count as one word. One of each may be included. For a 90 day insertion, the rates are two times the price of a 30 day insertion.

Contact our advertising department with the proposed text of your advertisement. You will be contacted with a final price, and details about completing our payment process. For fastest inclusion, a major credit card should be used for payment. Payment by check will delay the placement of your advertisement. 

Euromedia Group reserves the right to decline any classified advertisement for any reason. 

Sponsored Calendar Listings

We accept a limited number of sponsored listings in the Culturekiosque event calendar. This can provide a cultural organization seeking exposure to a global audience a means of publicizing events that do not receive editorial coverage. Listings appear alongside listings of events selected by Culturekiosque editors, and are indexed to appear alongside our listings in calendar and web site searches.  Sponsored listings are, however, marked clearly as such to distinguish them from editorial listings, with the name of a sponsor and a link to a Web page of the sponsor's choosing.

Contact our advertising department with the specifics of the event you wish to list in the Culturekiosque calendar. You will be contacted with further information about the process of creating a sponsored listing, pricing and payment terms, and samples of how a sponsored listing appears.

Euromedia Group reserves the right to decline any sponsored calendar listing for any reason. 

Interactive Marketing Units/ Banner Ads

At present, advertisements are accepted in the following common formats, as described in the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Standards and Guidelines :

  • Leaderboard Ads of 728x90 pixels
  • Skyscraper Ads of 120x600 or 160x600 pixels

Ads can be delivered in JPEG, GIF or in some cases rich media formats. All materials or instructions should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the beginning of your advertising schedule.

Mid-flight changes to content should be received at least five business days ahead of the time the changes are to commence. We reserve the right to charge an additional technical service fee for changes to ad content.

New Advertiser Incentives
First-time advertisers or sponsors in Culturekiosque may be offered a discount on the first block of impressions purchased.

Banner Advertising Space Packages Available in Culturekiosque
Culturekiosque offers several different forms of banner ad placements. These have been designed to provide advertisers with the most appropriate exposure for their needs.

Advertising is generally priced per CPM (cost per thousand impressions). For example, $20 CPM means $20 per 1,000 impressions. While flight-time is typically sold in blocks of 25,000 impressions, with a guaranteed minimum flight-time of 14 days, smaller blocks, such as 10,000 impressions, can be purchased in some cases. Longer minimum flight times can be negotiated. Contact our advertising department for more details about pricing for different ad packages.

For rich media ads, additional charges may apply, upon review of the your creative. Such charges are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Leaderboard: Run of Site
    Your ad appears above the fold throughout all sections of Culturekiosque, which includes the homepage, the front pages of the individual sections, individual feature stories, preview pages displayed to non-subscribers, and pages listing the contents of our archives. Other sections which will be included as part of a Run of Site Rotation include Culturekiosque's Classical, Jazz and Opera departments Klassiknet, Jazznet, and Operanet, as well as Dance, Art & Archaeology, Nouveau, Cyberchef, and our Calendar.
  • Skyscraper: Run of Site
    Your ad appears throughout all sections of Culturekiosque, including the homepage, the front pages of the individual magazines, the calendar front page, single item calendar listings, calendar search results, and pages listing the contents of our archives. Note that skyscraper ads on the home page of the magazine and the calendar front page do not generally appear above the fold.
  • Limited Site Ad Rotation Options
    Rotation of supported ad formats within limited portions of the site, such as only within classical music, opera or jazz, can be negotiated in some cases for a higher rate. Contact our advertising department for more details about rates in these circumstances.

Sponsorship of Culturekiosque Content
In addition to traditional banner advertising, Euromedia Group, Ltd. also offers highly specialized targeted marketing through specially designed Sponsorships within Culturekiosque. Sponsorship packages guarantee an advertiser the exclusive advertising rights within a particular article or articles in Culturekiosque. Within the selected article or articles, we may include banner ads, links, and marketing efforts especially designed to meet the needs of the sponsor. Sponsorship programs also include the advertisers choice of any of the three banner advertising programs. Since the ultimate design of each Culturekiosque sponsorship program is unique and custom-suited to the advertiser, costs vary. We take a flexible approach to the structure, implementation, and cost of sponsorships within its publications, and encourages prospective sponsors to contact us with proposals.

Payment Terms and Conditions
Commission of 15% gross billing on all advertising and sponsorships to recognized agencies when paid in 30 days. Any alteration or production charges are noncommissionable.

All advertising and sponsorship billings direct to advertiser are at published rates unless arranged otherwise in advance.

Advertisers and advertising agencies are jointly responsible for payment of all funds due and payable to Euromedia Group, Ltd..

Euromedia Group, Ltd will invoice the agency or advertiser upon publication and will Email the relevant URL where the advertisement appears to the appropriate contacts at the agency or advertiser, so long as the agency or advertiser has provided the Email addresses to Euromedia Group.

Invoices must be paid within 30 days. Past due invoices are subject to a 1.5% service charge per month.

Delinquent accounts may be restricted from further advertising until accounts are paid in full. Interruption in a multiple-impression block agreement due to nonpayment will cause the advertiser to forfeit reduced rates. Culturekiosque reserves the right to require full payment in advance for all advertisements.

All reservations must be made by a Letter of Agreement signed by Euromedia Group, Ltd.or by a signed insertion order.

For advertisers under multiple-impression block agreements, previous ads will be repeated if new artwork is not received by the agreed-to deadline.

No conditions, printed or otherwise, on advertiser's or agency's insertion order, billing instructions or copy instructions which conflict with Euromedia Group's stated policies will be binding on Euromedia Group, Ltd..

Euromedia Group, Ltd. reserves the right to refuse any advertising. Advertisers and advertising agencies are responsible for the content of all advertisements and for any resulting claims made against Euromedia Group, Ltd. or its representatives.

Address all inquires, advertising orders or materials to

Euromedia Group, Ltd.
1134 Devonshire Drive
Encinitas, California 92024
Attn: Advertising

Tel: (1) 339 226 7444
Email: advertising at culturekiosque.com

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