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You can now subscribe to feeds of the latest Culturekiosque headlines. Include our headlines your Google homepage, My Yahoo! page, or other news aggregators.

Available Feeds       How to Subscribe to Feeds

Available Feeds

The URLs for each of our main feeds are shown below. Feeds are published in standard RSS 2.0 format, which is understood by all major news aggregators, personal home page services, etc..

Culturekiosque headline feeds are published in RSS 2.0 format, which is understood by all major news aggregators. Our feeds generally update once per day.

How to Subscribe to Feeds

Instructions for a number of popular online news aggregators are provided below.

  • Add to My Yahoo provides a page where you can enter the URL for your chosen feed to add it to your home page. The My Yahoo Help page on RSS provides more background.
  • iGoogle personalized Home Page
    Next to the Search Homepage Content button, click the Add by URL link. Enter the URL from the list of available feeds, and click the Add button.
  • Google Reader
    In the left-hand column, click the Add Subscription button. Enter the URL from the above list, and click the Add button. 
  • BlogLines My Blogs page
    In the left-hand frame of the page, click the Feeds tab, then click Add. A form opens in the right-hand frame of the page. Enter the desired URL, and click Subscribe.
  • NewsGator
    On the Add Feeds page, on the URL and Import tab, enter the desired URL from the above list and click  the orange Add Feed button. 

If you have any difficulties using our feeds, please contact us.

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