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Culturekiosque: Art and Archaeology Comment

Guest art commentary, artist's statements, and more.

Most recent features:

Last Chance! The Nude Man in Art

Thanks to loans from all over Europe, the exhibition “naked men” offers an unprecedented overview of the depiction of male nudes.

Maurizio Cattelan's Toilet Paper (Unused)

Nobody is safe from Cattelan's brand of diabolical merry pranks.

El Anatsui Retrospective Opens in Denver, Colorado

Anatsui, who was born in Ghana and lives and creates in Nigeria, has mined Africa's history and culture to carve, mold and weave forms that captivate viewers around the world. "I think of myself as an artist," Anatsui said in an interview with Agence-France-Presse. "And I'm an African."

Race and Racism in Cuban Contemporary Art

According to a new exhibition, many cultural actors in Cuba continue to denounce the persistence of racial discrimination in Cuban socialist society.

Reader Comment: Bruegel's "Wine of St. Martin" in the Prado

Dr. Martin W. Walsh at the University of Michigan responds to Culturekiosque coverage of the Prado Musuem's recent discovery of an unknown painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

Dislocacion: The Structure of Globalization

"What sort of product or narrative can be generated in Chile, where territorial displacement, delocalization, disarticulation, exile and migration are both historical and current themes?', asks artist and curator Ingrid Wildi Merino whose itinerant group exhibition is now on view in art venues throughout Santiago.

The Frye-Ku Folio: 8

Humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Number 8 in the series of modern-day Haiku is devoted to the artistic legacy of Michael Jackson.

In His Own Image: Shepard Fairey Fights to Redefine Copyright Law

That his iconic 'Obama Hope' poster is based on someone’s photograph is not disputed, but Shepard Fairey claims his artistic manipulation of that original is more than enough to shield him from the ill-advised copyright lawsuit launched by (who, it turns out, may not even own the rights to the image).

Older editorial, sorted alphabetically:

Anish Kapoor and the "Moment of Becoming"

Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art presents an exhibtion that - quite literally - blurs the boundaries of art.

Comment: Dana Schutz

A rising star in the contemporary resurgence of painting with upcoming shows in Berlin and Boston, American artist Dana Schutz comments on her New York show.

Comment: Monuments and Blunders

Alan Behr on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. and the arrival in Port Everglades, Florida of a Polish railroad car.
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