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Magical Faces of Africa
Gallery of African Masks

Cihongo Mask - The Tschokwe People (Zaire, Angola) wood, fibers, kaolin, metal, pigment - H. : 24,5 cm "Mukuyi" Mask - The Punu People (Gabon) wood, kaolin, pigments - H: 34 cm - Musée Dapper
Kwo Mask - Tshokwe ethnic group (Zaire - Angola) wood, fibers, pearls, bull rushes Heaume Mask - The Makonde People (Tanzania) wood - hair -H: 24 cm - Musée Dapper Dan Mask (Ivory Coast) wood - H: 25 cm - Musée Dapper
"Demba" Shoulder Mask - The Baga People (Guinée) Heaume Mask - The Makonde People (Mozambique/Tanzania)
Krahn Mask/We (Liberia - Ivory Coast) wood, metal, fiber - H: 39 cm - Musée Dapper Eket Mask (Nigeria) H: 35 cm - Musée Dapper N'Domo Mask - The Bambara people (Mali) wood -  Fâro, goddess of water
Helmet crest of a "Tyi Wara" Mask - The Bambara people (Mali) Heaume Mask - The Senoufo People (Ivory Coast) wood

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