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Culturekiosque: Art and Archaeology Interviews

Leading arts luminaries interviewed by the correspondents of Culturekiosque.

Most recent features:

Restoring the Malice to Wonderland: Trevor Brown at the Bunkamura Gallery

More devious than deviant, the notorious paintings of Trevor Brown turn the already topsy-turvy world of Alice in Wonderland on its ear, restoring the shock value to a tale that has become Disney-fied and de-sexed.

Pinpricks in the Darkness: The Beautiful and Disturbing Art of Fuyuko Matsui

In Tokyo, culture journalist C.B. Lidell talks to the rising Japanese art star Fuyuko Matsui about her painting, her dark and troubled mind and Japan’s ghostly past.

Steve McCurry: Capturing the Face of Asia

On a photo shoot in Thailand, the award winning photojournalist Steve McCurry talks to culture journalist C.B. Liddel about his new book and his many years working in Asian countries.

Afghan Treasures Saved from the Taliban: Paris Now, America... Later?

Jean-François Jarrige, president of the National Asian Art Museum in Paris speaks openly about the rampant looting of archaeological artifacts in Afghanistan as well as the priceless objects that escaped the Taliban's deliberate destructiveness and are now on view in Paris.

L'Art Afghan a Paris: Perdu pour Les un peu pour les Americains

Entretien avec Jean-François Jarrige, President du Musée Guimet (Musée national d'arts asiatiques)concernant son exposition de vestiges archéologiques échappé aux marteaux des Talibans, et les éléments déterrés par des archéologues français depuis la chute des Talibans.

Interview: Didier Spindler

French painter Didier Spindler believes that colour is the force of life. Senior editor Patricia Boccadoro visits Spindler in his studio on the island of Les Saintes in the French West Indies to learn more.

How to buy a Masterpiece: A visit to the galerie Sarti

Exhibition of early italian painting at Galerie Sarti, an interview with Claire Sarti and a guide to choosing and buying fine art masterpieces in Paris or elsewhere

Afghan Art Treasures, part 2

The conclusion of our interview with Jean-Francois Jarrige, President of the French 'Guimet' National Museum of Asian Art, about Afghan art treasures saved from the Taliban.

Older editorial, sorted alphabetically:

L'Art afghan à Paris: perdu pour les Taliban... et un peu pour les Américains (suite)

Suite de l'Entretien avec Jean-François Jarrige, President du Musée Guimet (Musée national d'arts asiatiques)concernant l'exposition Afghanistan, les trésors retrouvés.
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