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Culturekiosque: Art and Archaeology News

News of note from the world of fine arts, visual arts and archaeology, as selected by our editors.

Most recent features:

MoMA Acquires William Pope L.'s 'The Black Factory'

American artist William Pope.L addresses contemporary issues such as class, consumerism, and culturally embedded racism with dark humor and biting critique.
9 Mar 2015

Bronx and Havana Art Museums Announce Joint Arts Programme

The most extensive visual arts exchange between the United States and Cuba in more than 50 years.
26 Jan 2015

Archaeologists Find Oldest Metastatic Cancer in Human Skeleton

This is the earliest complete example in the world of a human who suffered metastatic cancer found to date.

Fouquet Masterpiece on View at the Prado

With her unreal white skin, almost no eyebrows and a very high hairline, Fouguet's Virgin Mary embodies the ideal of beauty in the Early French Renaissance.

What Did Ancient Phoenicians Look Like?

Phoenician man of Carthage returns to land of ancestors through American University of Beirut museum exhibit.

A Single Check Casts a Harsh Light on French Law

America's Annenberg Foundation restores sacred relics to Native American tribes and in the process tweaks Gallic nose.

Okwui Enwezor to Curate Visual Arts for the 56th Venice Biennale

After the Documenta in Kassel, Germany and major international exhibitions in Paris, Seville and Johannesburg, the globe-trotting Nigerian poet, critic, and independant curator takes on the monumental Venice Biennale.

Dallas Museum Displays Contents of Etruscan Tomb

Never previously displayed or loaned, the objects were discovered together in the summer of 1926 in a grave at the ancient Etruscan city of Spina.

Older editorial, sorted alphabetically:

100,000-Year-Old Artist Workshop Found in South Africa

Painting remains discovered at Blombos Cave in South Africa document how prehistoric men made their pigments.

1000-Year-Old Monument with Image of Mayan Ruler Found

"At his feet, lying on his back on the bench, lies another, smaller person with his torso opened as a sign of sacrifice or of being overthrown," the archaeologist said.

15th-Century Nude Statue of Adam Shatters at the Met

A Fifteenth-century nude sculpture of Adam by Venetian master Tullio Lombardo fell to the floor and shattered at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
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