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By C. Antonio Romero

New York, 12 May 2007— Media-savvy sculptor Daniel Edwards has now executed his multifaceted art strategy numerous times, combining a sculpture of a timely subject, a press release, a gallery unveiling, and some participatory event promoted to the media in a way that suggests his mastery of the new Web-2.0 media and buzz-generation calculus.

Oh, and he's a pretty good sculptor, too. His subjects have included pop-culture trash-icon figures like Britney Spears, Suri Cruise/Tomkat, and most recently Paris Hilton's autopsy. Outside of pop-culture, he has taken on political subjects including Hilary Clinton and Fidel Castro, as well as baseball icon Ted Williams, whose cryogenically frozen head was at the center of a family brouhaha a few years ago.

The sculptures themselves are better than they should be, frankly, and it's easy to see in (or project onto) his work a lot of profundity, in their own themes and in the games he plays in promoting them and incorporating his audience's participation into them.

But to hear more about his work from his own lips, turn to the three documentaries about Edwards now posted on YouTube (embedded below). We continue to watch with interest.

The Several Severed Heads of Daniel Edwards
(Youtube Video)

Hilary's Bust
(Youtube Video)

Castro in Central Park
(Youtube Video)

All videos copyright 2006 Goodnight Film, LLC.

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