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NEW YORK, 15 FEBRUARY 2007— British performance artist Mark McGowan will dress up as President George Bush and crawl on his hands and knees nonstop for 72 hours. He will be covering 36 miles on the streets of New York.  McGowan will have a sign on his posterior saying ‘KICK MY ASS’. He will be inviting members of the public, New Yorkers and all comers to kick the sign. (For his own protection, McGowan will be wearing knee pads and a cushion will be placed inside his pants.)

Mark McGowan: Kick George Bush's Ass
Photo courtesy of  Charlie Smith, London

The event will start at Scope New York on Thursday, February 22nd, 2007 at 3 pm, and circumnavigate New York. 

According to his web site, McGowan says that he is "offering the people of America, New York and visitors a service…a kind of theraputic engagement. Hopefully people will be able to come and kick me (the President, George Bush) as hard as they like, and gain some comfort in the fact that they can say I kicked George in the ass. On a more serious note, this is a protest against George Bush and his policies and I am expecting injuries–I just hope not too severe."

No firm date yet for a repeat performance in Washington, DC–although, with the swift kicks delivered by the Democratic donkey back in November , this might be considered gratuitous. 

The event will start at the main entrance to the Scope New York
The Scope Pavilion
Lincoln Center
Damrosch Park,
Corner of 62 Street and 10th Avenue in Manhattan

Scope New York returns for a sixth-straight year to challenge passive viewing, giving visitors another view of the contemporary art world. The fair features galleries from seventeen countries as well as collector tours, screenings, and special events. Other performance artists participating at  this year's fair include Gabriel Martinez (Samson Projects), FEAST (ADA Gallery), Ambrose Martos  (chashama), Zhen Heinemann and the Endless Love Crew (chashama) and  Edisa Weeks (chashama).

Scope New York
22 - 26 February 2007
Dailiy 10:00 am - 8:00 pm


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