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Paris Hilton Autopsy
Review with Pictures



By C. Antonio Romero

NEW YORK, 3 MAY 2007—Taking his current Paris Hilton Autopsy Pictures prank into the age of participatory media, artist Daniel Edwards is now running a contest which will allow people to submit fanciful obituaries for heiress Paris Hilton.

He seems to have taken a course in search engine marketing at some point, having grabbed the domain and set up a web site where you can submit your own autopsies.  The best of these, one can assume, will appear on the web site shortly.

This is all very Web 2.0... not that anyone knows what that really means, but it sure sounds good. Perhaps he will contrive to have the winner of the contest appear in a YouTube video, eulogizing the late heiress during an on-screen disembowelling of the statue.

Will he rival well-known media pranksters the WTO/Yes Men? Not sure yet. But he's grabbing his share of attention, and then some. 

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