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By C. Antonio Romero

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New York, 11 May 2007 — The Paris Hilton Autopsy Sculpture has finally been unveiled, complete with removable intestines.

YouTube (our saviour) has video of the revealed inner truth of the heiress (who was of course recently convicted of drunk driving).

Paris Hilton Autopsy Sculpture
Unveiled at
Capla Kesting Fine Art,
Brooklyn, NY.

Daniel Edwards unpacks at least the first level of meaning of his sculpture in what are no doubt carefully prepared remarks at the unveiling... Play the clip and give a listen for yourself.

Perhaps I am reading too much into his efforts, in our earlier interpetation of the Paris Hilton sculpture . But after all, the critic is artist now... and we should be free to project anything (reasonably smart and defensible) onto the Rohrshach inkblots that popular culture throws up before us. No doubt the obituary contest will provide ample further fodder for reflection.

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