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Calendar: Belgium

Events in Art and Archaeology

Philippe Cognée: <EM>Pas de porte à vendre à Charleroi</EM>, 2014Wax painting on canvas153 x 153 cm60 1/4 x60 1/4 in.
Philippe Cognée: Pas de porte à vendre à Charleroi, 2014
Wax painting on canvas
153 x 153 cm
60 1/4 x60 1/4 in.
Philippe Cognée: Territoires
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM  •  Galerie Daniel Templon  •  15 January - 21 February 2015

French artist Philippe Cognée has spent the last twenty years exploring the possibilities of “thinning away the image”. He has developed a wholly original practice that starts with a photographed image – digital, video or taken with a camcorder or telephone – which he then uses to create canvases that verge on the abstract. They are based on paint mixed with wax that is heated and crushed, producing a blurred yet shimmering effect. Philippe Cognée’s artistic journey has led him to encounter a reality that is both stark and commonplace, a reality made up of motorways, suburbs, industrial abattoirs, supermarket shelves and recycling plants. He draws on this encounter to paint a remarkable portrait of a reality described by Guy Tosatto as “signposted and indefinable”.

Philippe Cognée questions the role of painting in a society where the internet and new digital technologies have ushered in the era of the image, both omnipresent and diminished. In response to the sweeping but vague views of the world offered by systems such as Google, satellite surveillance and the proliferation of images taken by mobile devices.

Galerie Daniel Templon Website

Contact: Galerie Daniel Templon
Rue Veydt 13A - Veydtstraat 13A
1060 Brussels 
Tel: (32) 2 537 13 17

Timbuktu Renaissance
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM  •  Palais de beaux-arts  •  19 December 2014 - 22 February 2015

The Palais des Beaaux-Arts in Brussels presents an exhibition of manuscripts of inestimable cultural value from Timbuktu (Mali). Several centuries old, they contain learning of many kinds. Their texts, dealing with science, politics, and law, are startlingly modern. "Tragedies are caused by differences and by a lack of tolerance. Glory be to Him who creates greatness out of difference and lets peace and reconciliation reign," they teach us. These historic documents from Timbuktu are accompanied by sounds and images from the city today, underlining the lasting nature of its heritage.

Palais des Beaux-Arts Website

Contact: Palais des Beaux-Arts
Rue Ravenstein
Tel: (32) 2 507 82 00

Kader Attia: Continuum of Repair: the Light of Jacob's Ladder
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM  •  Palais de beaux-arts  •  19 December - 22 February 2014

French-Algerian artist Kader Attia is presents a towering installation in the Centre for Fine Arts, with which he reflects on the tension between religion and science, in man’s endless quest for total knowledge. Moreover, a new site-specific installation is currently on view at the Middelheim Museum, Antwerp. Rather than thinking of himself as an artist the French-Algerian artist Kader Attia (b. 1970) considers himself a researcher. His multi-media installations, which often are rooted in history and archival research, explore ideas around identity in a globalised world. Attia’s fascination for identity and the exchanges.

BOZAR Website

Contact: Tel: (32) 2 507 82 00

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