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Calendar: Austria

Events in Art and Archaeology

<P class=csc-textpic-caption>Anonym um 1940, Fine Art Print vom Originaldia</P>

Anonym um 1940, Fine Art Print vom Originaldia

Schaulust: The Erotic Photography of Alfons Walde
VIENNA, AUSTRIA  •  WestLicht, Museum for Photography  •  5 December 2014 - 8 February 2015
Anonym um 1940
Fine Art Print vom Originaldia

WestLicht, Museum for Photography, exhibits the unknown erotic photographs of painter Alfons Walde, about 120 works from the artist’s estate which rested unnoticed in a box for decades. The focus of his photography was on the female nude, the staging of the motifs ranging all the way to pornography. The use of Agfa colour film, then a recent invention, enabled Walde to render realistic scenes photographically, to be used as inspiration for his paintings.

Alfons Walde (1891–1958) is known around the world for his paintings of snowy landscapes and winter sports scenes, highly popular and sought after works that helped shape Tyrol, and especially Kitzbühel, into a fashionable mecca for alpine sports enthusiasts. Little known, on the other hand, is Walde’s passion for photography, which he discovered prior to WWI and which accompanied him throughout his life. This book provides the first ever insight into the artist’s photographic archive, featuring images that focus on the female nude.

WestLicht, Museum for Photography Website

Contact: WestLicht, Museum for Photography
Westbahnstraße 40
1070 Vienna
Tel: (43) 1 522 66 36 -60

Martin van Meytens: <EM>Joseph de France With His Family</EM>, 1748National Museum Stockholm
Martin van Meytens: Joseph de France With His Family, 1748
National Museum Stockholm
Martin van Meytens the Younger
VIENNA, AUSTRIA  •  Belvedere  •  18 October 2014 - 8 February 2015
In presenting Martin van Meytens the Younger (1695–1770), the Belvedere highlights one of Europe's most important painters of the Baroque age. Meytens, who documented influential personalities of his time in a highly impressive manner, numbers among the portraitists most preferred by the Austrian imperial family under Maria Theresa. Of Dutch origin and born in Sweden, the artist sojourned in France, England, and Italy to study the art of these countries. Under the impact of various European models he developed his own specific style, which he later successfully passed on to his numerous pupils.

The exhibition at the Winter Palace introduces Martin van Meytens the Younger on the basis of his most significant works, the focus being on portraits of two or more sitters. A further focal point of the show will be the depiction of prominent personalities of contemporary spiritual, artistic, and political life (such as Franz Christoph von Scheyb, Pietro Metastasio, and Daniele Antonio Bertoli.

Belvedere Website


The Winter Palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy
Himmelpfortgasse 8
1010 Vienna

Tel: (430 1 795 57 134

Events in Classical Music

Joseph Calleja, tenor
VIENNA, AUSTRIA  •  Vienna Konzerthaus  •  28 January 2015
Opera arias by Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Puccini, Gounod, Offenbach and Tosti

Staatliche Philharmonie Brünn
Joseph Calleja, tenor
Frederic Chaslin, conductor

Vienna Konzerthaus Website

Detailed schedule information:

Contact: Vienna Konzerthaus
Lothringerstrasse 20
A-1030 Vienna
Tel: (43) 1 242 002

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