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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in France
GAO Brothers: Photographs and Sculptures

GAO Brothers: <EM>Miss Mao No.3, </EM>2007Size: 58x38x36cmMaterial:Painted fiberglassed.3/8Photo courtesy of Galerie Albert Benamou
GAO Brothers: Miss Mao No.3, 2007
Size: 58x38x36cm
Material:Painted fiberglass
Photo courtesy of Galerie Albert Benamou
GAO Brothers: Photographs and Sculptures
PARIS  •  Galerie Albert Benamou  •  Ongoing

After the exhibitions of Feng Zheng-Jie, Ma Liuming, Zhong Biao, Tianbing Li, Zhang Huan, the gallery Albert Benamou pursues its cycle dedicated to Contemporary Chinese art with the Gao Brothers' show. Gao Brothers, Gao Zhen and Gao Qiang have collaborated for more than 20 years.

They describe life in Beijing and the daily difficulties of people with humanist allegories, which they stage under theatrical shapes, (denying the notion of performance), photographing them.

The Gao Brothers are looking at people like scientists observing bacilli in the microscope in order to reproduce their movements by choreographing them. Powerless demiurges, they wonder about these damned souls, hard-working, in exile, bruised and blinded by the utopian lights of construction sites, embracing themsleves for a moment of eternity.

Galerie Albert Benamou Web Site

Contact: Galerie Albert Benamou
24 rue de Penthièvre
Paris 8e
Tel: (33) 1 45 63 12 21

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