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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in England
Alain Martinez: A Cuban Carnival

<P>Alain Martinez: <EM>A Cuban Carnival</EM>Photo courtesy of The Chambers Gallery</P> • <P>&nbsp;</P>

Alain Martinez: A Cuban Carnival
Photo courtesy of The Chambers Gallery


Alain Martinez: A Cuban Carnival
LONDON  •  The Chambers Gallery  •  Ongoing

Alain Martinez is a young Cuban artist living and working in Bejucal, a small town in Havana province.  His works have been shown in exhibitions in Chile, Germany and Spain. Recently, he took part in an exhibition in Havana in support of ‘World Aids Day’: CuidArte: Erotic Art, where his work was shown alongside that of other well-known Cuban artists, including Adigio Benitez, Roberto Fabelo, Nelson Dominguez, Choco, and Arturo Montoto.

In the early decades of the 20th century, expressionism was adopted with enthusiasm by nationalist-minded artists in Latin America who quickly realised that it could be fused with local ‘Indian’ culture to create a new Latin American art-form. The 1920s and 1930s, in particular, saw the flowering of this indigenismo. Soon, Latin expressionism – often leaning towards surrealism – became the leading art form throughout the continent.

Many of Martinez's pictures suggest a narrative, but he insists that he doesn’t tell stories. “My paintings are moments, ephemeral situations that were significant for me. But I'd rather not tell a story – maybe just insinuate it. I'm pleased if some of my memories are framed and hanging from the wall, subject to whatever interpretations they might suggest.”

This exhibition is the first showing of Martinez’s work in the UK.

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