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Travel Tip: Classical Music in United States
Pierre-Laurent Aimard: The Art of the Fugue

Pierre-Laurent Aimard: The Art of the Fugue
CHICAGO  •  Symphony Center  •  Ongoing

Although the French pianist Pierre Aimard returns to the U.S. for spring recitals in Baltimore , Philadelphia , New York , and Chicago , and will include Bachs Art of Fugue or excerpts from it on each program, the Chicago audience will hear Mr. Aimards complete performance of The Art of Fugue, including the break at the end, when Bachs pen left the page before hed completed a musical idea.

In an interview for the Deutsche Grammophon release of Die Kunst der Fuge, Pierre-Laurent Aimard spoke of his lifelong interest in the work:

In 1980, I lovingly brought back from a concert tour of the former East Germany a facsimile of the autograph score of The Art of Fugue (the original version) as well as a reproduction of the first posthumous edition that appeared in 1751.  (This later version is the basis of the recent recording.)  I have constantly referred to these two documents, while taking as a basis for my work the publications of the eminent specialist Christoph Wolff.  In addition, Ive consulted several other Urtext editions.

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Detailed schedule information:
3:00 pm

Contact: 220 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60604
Tel: (1) 312 294 30 00

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