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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States
Chris Rock Tours No Apologies

Chris Rock
Chris Rock
Chris Rock Tours No Apologies
NEW YORK  •  WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden  •  Ongoing

Three-time Emmy® Award-winner Chris Rock - America's favourite 'alternative' comedian, actor, and host of HBO's acclaimed The Chris Rock Show adults-only whose blind fearlessness and ability to say what most people are too scared to - however dark - have made him a comedic hero on both sides of the Atlantic where the 42-year-old Barack Obama supporter takes on dozens of social, political and celebrity issues often related to black and white culture.

If you doubt Mr. Rock's remarkable gifts, visit his official web site where he offers a hilarious video send up of American late night television infomercial entitled, The Malcolm Monroe Money-making System to becoming a millionaire. Testimonials include a telephone call in from a very in-your-face, attitudinal American black woman: "I might not understand the laws of probablity, but I do understand the laws of being a millionaire: EVERYBODY KISSIN YOUR ASS!!!"

After New York, Chris Rock's current tour dubbed No Apologies features new material with multiple-night stops in Atlantic City and London.

Chris Rock's Official Web Site


7th Ave at 32nd Street
New York, NY 10001

Tel: (1) 212 239 62 00

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