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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Switzerland
Gregor Schneider: Doublings

Gregor Schneider© Franz GertschPhoto courtesy of Museum Franz Gertsch
Gregor Schneider
© Franz Gertsch
Photo courtesy of Museum Franz Gertsch
Gregor Schneider: Doublings
BURGDORF  •  Museum Franz Gertsch  •  Ongoing

Although the German artist Gregor Schneider (b. 1969) was awarded the coveted Golden Lion of the Venice Biennale for the construction of new rooms within existing ones, his mainstream fame has more to do with the controversy over the construction of death rooms for the dying. Built in his studio, "it could be dismantled, put on a plane and reinstalled anywhere in the world, for someone nearing the end of their days and who wants to die in a humane and harmonious environment" said Schneider in an interview in The Guardian. For some time, two soundbites in particular have been making the tour of the planet via the international press: "I want to display a person dying naturally in the piece or somebody who has just died. My aim is to show the beauty of death." It has been reported that Gregor Schneider is currently looking for volunteers for a death room installation in a gallery.

Meanwhile, in the Museum Franz Gertsch, Gregor Schneider has created a series of rooms in which he set up sculptures displayed in a confusing and unsettling way.

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Contact: Museum Franz Gertsch
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Tel: (41) 34 421 40 20

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