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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States
World's Strongest Man Super Series

Magnus SamuelssonThe Swedish strongman and former World’s Strongest Man title holder is believed to have the world’s strongest arms.Photo courtesy of World’s Strongest Man Super Series
Magnus Samuelsson
The Swedish strongman and former World's Strongest Man title holder is believed to have the world's strongest arms.
Photo courtesy of World's Strongest Man Super Series
World's Strongest Man Super Series
NEW YORK  •  WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden  •  Ongoing
The World's Strongest Man Super Series carries the legacy of old time strength athletes that performed in Madison Square Garden as early as 1904. America's Strongest Man Derek Poundstone, former World's Strongest Man Champion Magnus Samuelsson and other superstars go head to head in feats of strength.

Other Athletes and Strongmen Scheduled to Appear:

- Derek Poundstone (USA) - America's Strongest Man winner in 2007

- Magnus Samuelsson (SWE) - Former World's Strongest Man Winner

- Hugo Girard (CAN) - Former WSM Super Series World Champion

- Terry Hollands (GBR) - Britain's Strongest Man Winner

- Mark Philippi (USA) - Former America's Strongest Man Winner

- Kevin Nee (USA)

- Dave Ostlund (USA)

- Jarek Dymek (POL)

- Travis Ortmayer (USA)

- Brian Shaw (USA)

Scheduled Events:

- Power Medley (Flip & Carry): Contestants flip a 900 lb. tire four times, followed by carrying a 385 lb. weight 50 feet to the finish line

- Eleiko Last Man Standing Deadlift: Contestants must dead lift an Eleiko Bar in 20 seconds, with the weight of the bar increasing each time, until there is one man left standing.

- Husafeld Stone Carry: Contestants lift and carry a 400 lb. "Husafeld Stone" as far as they can.

- Axle Lift (Clean & Press / Jerk): Contestants have one minute to lift a 300 lb. axle from the ground to their shoulders, and then over their head.

- Super Yoke / Duck Walk Medley : Contestants carry a 900 lb. yoke 41 feet, and then carry a 500 lb. weight another 41 feet to the finish line.

- Atlas Stones: Contestants lift and load stones ranging in weight from 295 lbs. - 420 lbs. onto raised platforms.

Madison Square Garden Web Site

Detailed schedule information:
7:00 pm

Contact: Madison Square Garden
Pennsylvania Plaza
Seventh to Eighth Avenues and 31st to 33rd Streets
New York, New York
Tel: (1) 212 239 62 00

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