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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Spain
Etruscan Princes. Between East and West

Etruscan Princes. Between East and West
PALMA DE MALLORCA  •  CaixaForum Palma  •  Ongoing

During the course of the sixth and fifth centuries BC, an original monumental architecture style emerged in Etruscan cities, taking in both the public sphere,with the erection of sacred buildings richly decorated in multi-coloured terra-cotta, and the private sphere, with the coming of houses with articulated structures and luxurious decors. The layout of the cities is seen in the arrangement of their necropolises. Those "cities of the dead", which typically featured broad avenues lined with huge chamber tombs as in Cerveteri, or funerary chambers with a wealthof painted decorations as in Tarquinia, or full-blown urban structures as in Orvieto, reflect the sumptuousness of real-life rooms in their architecture and interior ornamentation, thus giving us a window onto a civilisation that thrived over two thousand five hundred years before our own time.
The exhibition of some 170 artefacts focuses on the period between the ninth and third centuries BC, when the civilisation was spreading throughout most of Italy, including Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. The artefacts on display come from specialist museum collections in Florence, Rome and Vatican City, as well as the Louvre in Paris.

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