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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in England
Nobuyoshi Araki

Araki, Untitled, Bokuju Kitan / Marvellous Tales of Black InkPhoto courtesy of Hamiltons Gallery
Araki, Untitled, Bokuju Kitan / Marvellous Tales of Black Ink
Photo courtesy of Hamiltons Gallery
Nobuyoshi Araki : Bokuju Kitan / Marvellous Tales of Black Ink
LONDON  •  Hamiltons Gallery  •  Ongoing

Nobuyoshi Araki's photography has drawn worldwide attention notably for its erotic content, which blurs the lines between art and pornography. Arguably heralded as Japan's foremost contemporary photographer, he is possibly also the most controversial.

In composing this series, Bokuju Kitan / Marvellous Tales of Black Ink, Araki selected 88 images from his 30 years worth of Kinbaku work and hand-painted calligraphy on each photograph.

Born in 1940, Araki belongs to a generation of artists who surfaced in the late sixties whilst Japan was experiencing radical economic growth and urbanisation post recovery from the Second World War. Photography was evolving rapidly both in its traditional guises such as photojournalism and advertising as well as an art. Araki studied photography at college, later working at Dentsu advertising agency where he met his late wife YMko.Araki has published over 350 books, including Sentimental Journey, Tokyo Lucky Hole, Winter Journey and Shino. His photography resides in many public and private collections.

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