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Travel: 28 August 2018
Seattle: Give Me a Decaf Mocha Frappuccino, and Hold the Fish
Alan Behr, dining out in Seattle, WA.

Wine News: 1 June 2018
Australian Shiraz Wins Top Award At Vinexpo
More than 1200 wines from over 30 countries were entered into the Citadelle du Vin awards with more than 75 per cent of them coming from outside of France.

Plat du jour: 15 April 2018
Spring Recipe: Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb with Garlic Purée
Roast lamb is a traditional spring recipe. See our traditional French recipe for stuffed shoulder of lamb with garlic and spinach.

Plat du jour: 13 February 2017
Seafood: Moules Colbert - A French Family Mussels Recipe and How to Buy and Clean Mussels
Only to be eaten in the company of the love of your life, otherwise she or he may flee you for a good 24 hours! Also, tips on buying, cleaning and preparing mussels.

Books: 29 November 2016
Rijksmuseum Launches Cookbook
Fifty typically Dutch ingredients, from potatoes to seaweed, form the basis of 160 dishes by top chefs and pastry makers from all over the Netherlands.

Dessert: 22 November 2016
Holiday Pecan Pie
Just in time for the autumn and winter holidays: a recipe for a delicious pecan pie from the archives of Cyberchef editor Philippe Broad.

Chef's Recipe: 9 August 2016
Sea Bream in a Papillote with Salsifies
Sea bream are also known by the European names dorade, dorado or orata, and in the United States, porgy.

Plat du jour: 21 June 2016
Bohémienne or The Other Way of Looking at Ratatouille
If you are tired of ratatouille with over-cooked vegetables or swimming in a bath, here's an excellent recipe from a series of original Provençal recipes by Philippe Broad. Is this better than the French Laundry recipe from the movie?

Chef's Recipe: 2 March 2016
Lemon Cream Brioches With Almond Glaze
Pastry chef Ian Farrell creates a new french brioche recipe, Lemon Cream Brioches With Almond Glaze.

Plat du jour: 17 February 2016
Scottish Salmon Steaks in Cabbage Casings with Bacon
This simple but wonderful Scottish salmon recipe comes to us by way of the Restaurant Le Petit Marguery in Paris.

News: 5 August 2015
Salad for Caesars: Food Distribution in Ancient Rome
What and how did the ancient Romans eat?

Wines & Spirits: 7 July 2015
Burgundy and Champagne Vineyards Named World Heritage Sites
The United Nations cultural arm has added historic vineyards and champagne houses in France to its list of world heritage sites.

News: 22 April 2015
Auction: Russian Space Food to Go
In the Soyuz Orbital Module during the joint U.S.-USSR Apollo-Soyuz Test Project containers held borsch (beet soup) over which vodka labels had been pasted. 

News: 13 May 2014
Snacking Linked to Abdominal Obesity and a Fatty Liver
According to researchers in the Netherlands, American children consume up to 27% of calories from high-fat and high-sugar snacks thus contributing to fatty livers and abdominal obesity.

Plat du jour: 5 March 2014
Provençal 'Grill and Roast' Rack of Pork
A delicious and inexpensive meat course that gives a Mediterranean flavour to your winter dinner parties by Cyberchef.

Chef's Tip: 9 January 2014
Shellfish (or Mussels) Stock
All shellfish make excellent stock. Mussels are used mostly, but this recipe is valid for all varieties.

Chef's Dessert Recipe: 19 November 2013
Pear Ginger Crème Brulée Pie
Looking for something beyond the ordinary pumpkin and apple pies for your traditional holiday dinner this year? Chef Ian Farrell suggests the autumnal combination of Bartlett pears and ginger. 

News: 23 October 2013
Alba White Truffles: Food of the Gods

Like pilgrims to a holy shrine, Italians and visitors from abroad gather every autumn in this renowned Piedmontese town to celebrate, buy and taste the most expensive truffles in the world.

Plat du jour: 20 October 2013
Pan Fried Lobster Medallions with a White Port and Ginger Sauce

In Europe where the price of lobster is fairly prohibitive, it is customary to serve a 1 lb (500g) lobster for two, which makes a delicious starter. In North America, where lobsters are quite inexpensive, you may prefer to go for a 1 lb lobster per person

News: 5 August 2013
elBulli: Ferran Adrià and The Art of Food

Is food art? This is the premise behind the first exhibition dedicated to a chef and his Catalan restaurant that received over 2 million reservation enquiries for each summer season that it was open.

News: 16 June 2013
How Widespread Are Organic Foods
Changing perceptions about just how much healthier organic foods are than non-organic foods are impacting the growth of the sector.

Television: 6 May 2013
Soul Food Junkies
A PBS television documentary by filmmaker Byron Hurt explores the soul-food tradition and its relevance to black cultural identity and human health in the United States.

Plat du jour: 5 February 2013
Moules Colbert: A French Family Mussels Recipe and How to Buy and Clean Mussels
Only to be eaten in the company of the love of your life, otherwise she or he may flee you for a good 24 hours! Also, tips on buying, cleaning and preparing mussels.

Dessert Recipe: 28 October 2012
Gateau aux Pommes (Apple Gateau)

This old family recipe never ceases to amaze and first-time guests are frequently at a loss to define precisely the main ingredient at the first taste.

Book Review: 17 September 2012
Sophisticated Cooking

Elected chef of the year, William Ledeuil, whose Paris restaurant, Ze Kitchen Galerie, is once again brought to the forefront with a new book.

Review: 11 September 2012 
The Seductions of the Palate

Chinese cooking and table traditions on view in Paris include braised dog smothered in turtle's blood and braised bear paw ‘matured’ for a year or two prior to being cooked, and left to go rancid for another two before being consumed. Bon appétit! 

Book Review: 5 June 2012
Italian Vegetarian Haute Cuisine

Vegetarian cuisine can now be haute cuisine, as demonstrated by the Michelin one-star Ristorante Joia in Milan, and this inspired cookery book from Swiss chef Pietro Leemann.

Book Review: 14 December 2011
Alain Ducasse's Culinary Guide to Paris

Patricia Boccadoro on celebrity chef and restaurateur Alain Ducasse's personal gourmet tour of Paris.

Earliest-Known Winery Found in Armenian Cave
Researchers unearth a 6,100-year-old wine-making facility, complete with wine press, storage jars, drinking vessels, and remnants of grape seeds and vines. Also, a book tip and red Burgundy wine picks.

Has Sushi Endangered the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna?

Atlantic bluefin tuna, popular as sushi, are in danger of going extinct within a decade if the governments of the world cannot come together to ban catching and/or selling the lucrative species.

The Vanguard of Cuisine: William Ledeuil

How is it that a chef who eschews butter, cream and salt has taken le monde gastronomique by storm? Paris' William Ledeuil isn't so much reinventing French cooking as he is creating Cuisine anew.

Chef's Recipe: Pear Ginger Crème Brulée Pie

Looking for something beyond the ordinary apple pie for your traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year? Chef Ian Farrell suggests the autumnal combination of Bartlett pears and ginger.

Dining Out

In Rome, a city where every kitchen is a restaurant and every restaurant a kitchen, the meaning of the phrase "dining out" becomes lusciously blurred.

The Best Foods To Buy Organic

The Environmental Working Group's handy "Shopper's Guide to Pesticides" makes it easy for consumer's to know which foods they should definitely buy organic ("The Dirty Dozen") and they can eat safely ("The Clean 15") without paying a premium for an organic variety.

Dining Out
"The restaurant announces 'steak house.' In South Africa, that has a different meaning: our steak was ostrich," writes Alan Behr from the host city of the 2010 World Cup.

Chef Tip
Thick Tomato, Onion and Basil Sauce
This simple and easy-to-prepare sauce is excellent with pasta and keeps well in the refrigerator for several days.

Cookbook Review
Ciao Italia Five-Ingredient Favorites
Joel Kasow weighs in on American TV favorite Mary Ann Esposito's Quick and Delicious Recipes from an Italian Kitchen.

Devil's Food: The Financier

Considering current banking circumstances, it’s hard to imagine that something sweet and modest could ever have been named in honor of financiers. But master pastry chef Ian Farrell shares with us his recipe for just such a chocolate-infused dessert.

Cookbook Review
Review (and Recipe): La Cucina
More encyclopedia than cookbook, this exhaustive guide to regional Italian recipes may be short on visual charm, but all the flavors are there in abbondanza.

The Frye-ku Folio: 1
 Humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Why Can't You Get a Decent Coffee in New York?
Shouldn’t the center of the civilized universe be able to provide a visiting Brit with a reasonable caffeine fix? Andrew Jack comments on a recent experience that lent new meaning to the phrase "average joe."

Corporate Sweets: Semolina Cake with Roasted Plums
Among software giant Oracle Corporation’s best-kept secrets are the marvelous and unusual desserts created by Executive Pastry Chef Ian Farrell, who shares one of his adventurous, satisfying recipes with Culturekiosque readers. 

Dining Out

From organic fast food to star-rated chefs and international cuisine, Berlin offers a myriad of culinary choices.

Dining In
Sinatra's Favorites: Patsy's Shares the Family Recipes
Ponzi schemes, bank failures, plummeting home values and investment house bailouts - 2008 is ending with a whimper from the pocketbook that makes dining in a suddenly-chic alternative to a night on the town. With the help of recipe collections  like Patsy's Cookbook, even beginner cooks can recreate fine cuisine from a landmark restaurant. Patricia Boccadoro reviews.

Spring Recipe: Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb
with Garlic Purée

Soupe au Pistou
 Voici une vraie recette de Provence
qui ne vous attirera que des compliments.

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