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Plat du jour: Daily Recipies (English)

A series of authentic French recipes from Philippe Broad. In English.

Most recent features:

Wafered Lobster With Foie Gras of Duck

A doubly decadent feast from French seafood master Jacques Le Divellec, combining rich duck liver with lobster tail and claw.
10 Dec 2014

Sea Bream in a Papillote with Salsifies

Sea bream are also known by the European names dorade, dorado or orata, and in the United States, porgy.
6 Jul 2014

Provençal 'Grill and Roast' Rack of Pork

A delicious and inexpensive meat course that gives a Mediterranean flavour to your winter dinner parties by Cyberchef.

Pan Fried Lobster Medallions with a White Port and Ginger Sauce

"In Europe where the price of lobster is fairly prohibitive, it is customary to serve a 1 lb (500g) lobster for two, which makes a delicious starter. In North America, where lobsters are quite inexpensive, you may prefer to go for a 1 lb lobster per person," writes Cyberchef Philippe Broad from Paris.

Filets Mignons of Pork with Mirabelle Plums

A delicious end-of-summer combination of pork and Mirabelle plums served with quartered fresh figs from the Cyberchef recipes of Philippe Broad.

Barbecue: Grilled Lamb Kebabs with Sweet and Sour Apricots

Part of our 'Plat du jour' recipe series, perfect for the summer grilling season.

Christmas Holiday Dessert: Bûche de Noël

Irish pastry chef Ian Farrell shares his dazzling recipe for a decadent Chocolate Buttercream French Yule Log.

Summer Dessert Recipe: Red Fruits Soup with Basil

Cyberchef Philippe Broad's chic summer dessert recipe was inspired by American peppered plum jam from the Carolinas. The pepper brings out the full flavours of red fruits and the basil gives the blend an unexpected and interesting note.

Older editorial, sorted alphabetically:

Aubergines (EggPlant) in Tomato Sauce

A traditional Mediterranean recipe that is a great vegetarian dish, delicious as a starter, or served with rice, pasta or pan fried or grilled meats.

Baked Mackerel with Red Currants

Whether you're observing Lenten traditions or trying to eat heart-healthy, mackerel can find a place on your table. This traditional French preparation includes the unexpected touch of red currants.

Bohémienne or the other way of looking at Ratatouille

If you are tired of ratatouille with over-cooked vegetables or swimming in a bath, here's an excellent recipe from a series of original Provençal recipes by Philippe Broad. Is this better than the French Laundry recipe from the movie?
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