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Provençal Stuffed Vegetables

PARIS, 27 May 2008-An authentic, traditional, but modern provençal recipe for stuffed vegetables by Cyberchef Philippe Broad.

Serves 4


4 medium-sized ripe Tomatoes
4 Courgettes (Zucchini)
2 large sweet white Onions
4 medium-sized new Potatoes

For the stuffing :

2 Onions finely chopped
2 cloves of Garlic
2 Tomatoes, peeled, seeded and chopped
100 g fresh Breadcrumbs steeped in milk and then drained
400 g minced Veal (or Ham)
2 Egg yolks
Chopped Parsley
Chopped Basil
Pepper from the mill
Pinch of Cinnamon


  1. Slice off the tops of the tomatoes, remove the interior and seeds, season with salt and place to drain upside down in a colander. Remove a thin slice lengthwise from the courgettes and hollow out the centre. Peel the potatoes and hollow out the centre, peel and halve the onions and hollow out the centres. If required, remove a thin slice from the bottom of the vegetables so they stand upright. Finely chop the discarded flesh of the courgettes, potatoes and onions.
  1. Preparation of the stuffing
    Finely chop the onions, garlic, parsley and basil and sauté them in a little olive oil. Add the chopped tomatoes and discarded flesh of the courgettes, potatoes and onions. Allow to golden. Add the breadcrumbs and the veal, together with a little chicken stock if necessary. Cook gently for 5 minutes and then remove from heat. Season with salt, pepper and the cinnamon and blend in the egg yolks.
  1. Fill the vegetables with the stuffing, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and place in an oiled ovendish with a glass of water or chicken stock. Cook in the oven at Gasmark 6 or 180° for 30 to 40 minutes. Check progress using the point of a kitchen knife.


  1. Present the stuffed vegetables in a serving dish with the sauce in which they have cooked.
    Serve with rice.

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