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Cappuccino fraise-citronelle, émulsion vanille
(Strawberry-Citronelle Soup with vanilla sauce)

From Les Couleurs du Gout: La Cuisine de William Ledeuil


By Patricia Boccadoro


Strawberry-Citronelle Soup

500 grams highly perfumed, freshly picked strawberries
2 sticks of Citronelle chopped in two
40 grams icing sugar

Blend altogether, filter, and put to one side no more than 2-3 hours before eating.

Vanilla Sauce

100 grams mascarpone
1dl whipped cream
I vanilla pod
30 grams icing sugar.

Beat mascarpone and whipped cream with the grains of vanilla, and when smooth, add icing sugar.

Buy or preferably make raspberry, strawberry or pistachio sorbet, using 500 grams of fresh fruit, and assemble just before serving.

Pour a serving of the strawberry soup into a large glass very carefully. Add a second layer of vanilla sauce, and decorate with one or two strawberries. Top with a scoop of sorbet.

William Ledeuil: Cappuccino fraise-citronelle, émulsion vanille
from Les Couleurs du Gout, Editions du Seuil 
Photo: Didier Gaillard

Les Couleurs du Gout: La Cuisine de William Ledeuil is available for the moment only in French at: 
Editions du Seuil
27, rue Jacob
75006 Paris
ISBN : 2020671964 (October 2004)
EUR 24
or from 


Click here for a feature interview with William Ledeuil at his restaurant Z Kitchen Galerie in Paris

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