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Scottish Salmon Steaks in Cabbage Casings with Bacon

PARIS, 15 SEPTEMBER 2012 — This simple but wonderful Scottish salmon recipe comes to us by way
of the Restaurant Le Petit Marguery in Paris.

Serves 4


4 x 5 or 6 oz Steaks of Scottish Salmon
4 well-blanched Cabbage leaves
4 slices of streaky smoked Bacon
Rock Salt
Pepper from the mill

Scottish Salmon with Cabbage and Bacon


  1. Blanch the cabbage leaves for a few minutes. They should be supple but crisp.
  1. Season the salmon steaks and cabbage leaves with salt and pepper. Wrap each steak in a cabbage leaf and secure with the slice of bacon.
  1. Steam for 5 minutes.


  1. Serve with rock salt and pepper from the mill.

Recipe by the Cousin brothers

Restaurant Le Petit Marguery
9 Boulevard de Port-Royal
75013 Paris, France
Tel :01 43 31 58 59

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