Cyberchef Special: Rossini at the Ritz
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The Menu
Baked Apple "William Tell"
(serves 4)


4 small to medium-sized Cox's or Bramley apples

For the Almond cream:
60g powdered Almonds
1 egg Yolk
60g castor Sugar
20g softened Butter

For the Ice cream:
1/2 l Milk
120g castor Sugar
100g powdered Pistachio nuts
6 egg Yolks
50g fresh Cream

For the Apple sauce:
200g peeled and cored Apples
2cls Marsala
4Tbsp Apricot jam

For the Décor:
4 Arrows made with short pastry

Preparation of the Apples

Wash and core the apples, but do not peel them. Fill them with the almond cream and bake for 1 1/2 h at 120°C (thermostat 4).

Preparation of the Almond cream

Blend all the ingredients together and use to stuff the apples.

Preparation of the Ice Cream

Bring the milk and the sugar to the boil and add the cream. Pour the boiling mixture onto the egg yolks in a separate bowl and blend thoroughly as when preparing a custard. Blend in the powdered almonds and allow to cool. When the mixture is cold, pour into an electric sherbet maker and prepare in the normal manner.

Preparation of the apple Sauce

Blend all the ingredients in a mixer and pass through a sieve.


Decorate the apple with the arrow. This is most easily done by breaking the arrow in two and inserting one half on either side of the apple so that it appears to have been transpierced by the arrow. Surround the apple with the sauce and serve the ice cream on an almond slice.

A real old-fashioned dessert, a baked apple, is a deliciously light ending to any meal, and to go with it, an old-fashioned Italian dessert wine, an almond flavoured CREMA DI MANDORLA - but how either ever became "old-fashioned" is a mystery to us!


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