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Culturekiosque JazzNet: Features

Feature stories from Mike Zwerin's Culturekiosque Jazznet.

Most recent features:

Randy Weston Honored by King Mohammed VI of Morocco

The American jazz pianist and composer has devoted over 50 years to bringing Morocco’s neglected Gnaoua music tradition to the attention of the Western world.

Marsalis Swing Symphony Receives U.S. Debut With New York Philharmonic

With this six-movement piece, the American jazz artist and composer's intention was no less than to trace the long and rich history of jazz.

Book Review: Michelle Mercer's 'Footprints' - Important new Wayne Shorter Biography

Mercer places Wayne in the elite line of jazz greats not only because of his compositional and instrumental importance, but for the depth of his intelligence as well.

Eric Dolphy in Sardinia

Jazz muscian Eric Dolphy was the focus of the Sant'Anna Arresi Jazz Festival in September 2004 in Sardinia.

Between a Smile and a Tear: A Night at the Montmartre Club in Copenhagen

Part Vietnamese, part Danish jazz pianist Niels Lan Doky wrote and stars in a documentary film about famous American jazz musicians that played at the Montmartre Club in Copenhagen.

Count Basie, jazz and big band legend at 100 and 20

This year is the double anniversary of jazz musician and big band legend Count Basie's birth - August 21, 1904 - and death - April 26, 1984.

Jazz Clubs in New York

A Guide to famous Jazz clubs in New York by Culturekiosque, Europe's guide to arts and entertainment worldwide by international journalists and critics

Siena Jazz Festival

Siena Jazz Festival Review by Culturekiosque, Europe's guide to arts and entertainment worldwide by international journalists and critics

Older editorial, sorted alphabetically:

A Tribute to Luther Allison

Other Americans move here for quality of life, for culture, for the architecture - to escape banality. They would like to feel European somehow. Allison, however, was a true expatriate. He remained always a foreigner here. He left something he loved behind, he did not find something new to love.

An Interview with Mike Zwerin

Jazznet editor and International Herald Tribune writer Mike Zwerin talks about his career as a musician and chronicler of the American and world jazz scene from its developments in the 50s and 60s through today.

Celebrating New Flamenco in the Basque Country

New Flamenco, a gypsy style from the basque country in spain, uses such crossover elements as drummers, improvising horns, altered chords, blues form and prominently mixed bass-guitar.
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