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Sons of Miles: Miles Davis Interview Series

Paris-based jazz musician and International Herald Tribune writer Mike Zwerin brings Culturekiosque Jazznet readers this 41-week series, entitled "Sons of Miles." Zwerin looks back at Miles Davis and the leading jazz musicians he influenced in a series of interviews and personal reminiscences.

Each chapter is accompanied by illustrations drawn from Instants de Jazz by photographer Christian Rose.

Culturekiosque is pleased to be able to include "Sons of Miles" in our archives. All 41 chapters are presented below.

PARIS, 1 April 1998 - Miles Davis reinvented himself many times, in many shapes. His alumni include just about every influential jazz musician from his own generation on down. Davis helped deliver Bebop with Charlie Parker, gave Birth to The Cool, explored modality, was the father of jazz-rock and funk-jazz and is the principle inspiration for the young generation now marrying jazz and rap.

The poetic sound of the name "MILES", the way he looked, his lifestyle, his trademark rasp and his marriage of quality and commericality have entered the folklore. His combination of musical, visual, sexual, and financial chops is unequaled. The ghost of MILES hovers.

-- Mike Zwerin       


Mike Zwerin: What would you like to be when you grow up?
Miles Davis: The Prince of Silence
Gil Evans: The Lone Arranger
George Benson: The Ticking Of The Clock Is Loud
Bob Berg: Rebel With A Cause
Chick Corea: The Chameleon
Foley: Somewhere Man
Miles and Willie: Byronic Waves of Capes
Barney Wilen: If You're Good At It, Do It
Remembering John Coltrane: I Can't Do Any More Than What I'm Doing
Joe Henderson's Aventures in Barber College
Keith Jarret: The Well-Tempered Jazz Band
Kenny Clarke: Dropping Bombs on Paris
JOE ZAWINUL : Austrian Folk And Weathered Funk
MILES THE PAINTER : Colorful Flowing Lines
SONNY ROLLINS: Saxophone Colussus
Miles the Movie Star: Dingo
Branford Marsalis: Waltzing With The Devil
John McLaughlin
Lee Konitz: How To Get Away From Fixed Functions
John Scofield: It's Magic
Shirley Horn: The Art of the Slow Ballad
Jackie McLean: Sugar Free Saxophone
Dexter Gordon Part One: Dexter and "Les Flics"
Dexter Gordon Part Two: Hanging Out the Tears
Roy Haynes : No Beats To Waste
Dave Liebman: Passing Down the Tradition
Tony Williams: Finding His Beautiful Vase
Max Roach: From Hip Hop to Bebop
Robben Ford: Play It Don't Say It
Dave Holland: The Power Behind the Throne
JJ Johnson: The Sackbut's Elegant Descendant
Mike Stern: "Well, Hell, You have To Do Something"
Gerry Mulligan: When the Past, Present and Future of Jazz Met
John Lewis: A Big Gig
Herbie and Wayne: Addressing Dressing and Dessert
Streamlined Herbie ...Sight and Sound
Miles of Words
Bob Dorough: A Hillbilly Bebopper on a Geezer Pass
Wayne Shorter's Slow Road To Instant Gratification
Marcus Miller: The "Tutu" man
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