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Staff Report

NEW YORK, 6 September 2005—New Orleans was the birthplace of Jazz, America's most original and significant contribution to the History of Western Music. Indeed, New Orleans was only "New Orleans" because of jazz and the musicians. Moreover, many jazz and blues musicians called New Orleans "the Big Easy" because it was so easy for them to find work there as musicians.

Today, many elderly jazz and blues musicians, whose existence is often precarious in the best of times, are in need of assistance because of the devastation brought by Hurricane Katrina. Here are two organizations that can accept and distribute funds to help New Orleans musicians rebuild their lives.

New Orleans Musicians Clinic (NOMC) has provided free health care to many jazz and blues muscicans over the years. The Clinic is currently tracking down local musicians and finding them shelter.

Send donations to:

NOMC Emergency Fund
funds will be distributed by:
SW LA Area Health Education Center Foundation, Inc.
103 Independence Blvd.
Lafayette, LA  70506
Tel: (1)  337 989 00 01
Fax: (1)   337 989 14 01
email:  finance@swlahec.com
Web Site: www.swlahec.com/

Jazz Foundation of America plans to address the longer term needs of jazz and blues artists who have just lost everything. Priorities include housing, rent subsidies, food, employment and the replacement of their instruments so that they can seek gainful employment.

Send donations to:

Jazz Foundation of America
322 West 48th Street 6th floor
New York, NY 10036
Director: Wendy Oxenhorn
Phone: (1) 212  245 39 99 Ext. 21
email: Joyce@jazzfoundation.org
Web Site:  www.jazzfoundation.org

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