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Culturekiosque JazzNet: Portraits

Interviews with and in-depth portraits of jazz musicians.

Most recent features:

Israel "Cachao" Lopez: The Cuban Tradition

On PBS screens nationwide, American Masters celebrates the Father of Mambo, Israel "Cachao" López, in 'Cachao: Uno Más,' narrated and produced by Andy Garcia.

Chick Corea & The "Bushido" Code of Jazz

The jazz legend sits down with our C.B. Liddell and offers his take on "the code" that has shaped his career and his relationship with his audience.

The Johnny Mercer Centenary: Lyrical Splendor

The month of November 2009 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Johnny Mercer. Songwriter, vocalist, but above all lyricist, he walks shoulder to shoulder with the greatest talents of the 20th century. But our C. Davis Remignanti points out three areas where Mercer was (arguably) unequaled.

Mariza, the Fresh New Diva of Fado

Having survived near-extinction, the music that defines the heart of Portugal has a new reigning diva who, like the music itself, blends an African heritage with the spirit, light and spontaneity of modern Lisbon.

Television: Atlantic Records: The House That Ahmet Built

A two-hour documentary explores the career and contribution to American culture of Turkish jazz, R & B and rock and roll impresario and producer Ahmet Ertegun (1923 - 2006).

Keith Jarrett: Zen in the Art of Jazz

With a tour of Japan coming up in April and May, world-renowned jazz pianist Keith Jarrett talks to culture journalist C. B. Liddell in Tokyo about his music.

Charlie Parker: Bird Lives Fifty Years After

Charlie Parker died 50 years ago, on March 12. But Bird still lives on, for jazz fans around the world.

Artie Shaw: Remembering Artie Shaw

Big Band bandleader and clarinetist Artie Shaw died at age 94 in California. Mike Zwerin recalls his career, and his decision to retreat from Beatles-class stardom in 1955 and live in seclusion.

Older editorial, sorted alphabetically:

An Optimist in the Jazz Club Business

The Sunside and Sunset on Rue des Lombards are arguably the best jazz clubs in Paris.

Bobby Short: Saloons Have Been Good To Him

Carlyle Hotel singer Bobby Short talks to Mike Zwerin from the Ritz Hoel in Paris.

Branford Marsalis: Gordon Gekko is Dead

Branford Marsalis is one of today's most talented, committed and successful saxophonist, writes jazz critic Mike Zwerin in an interview with Branford Marsalis about his new music label Marsalis Music and greed in the music business.
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