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Editor's Pick for a Holiday Gift:
Sviatoslav Richter: Notes and Conversations


NEW YORK, 24 December 2001 - Sviatoslav Richter (1915 - 1997) was one of the greatest musicians of the Soviet era, and for many, one of the 20th century's greatest pianists. Published earlier this year in the United States by Princeton University Press in a translation from the French by Stewart Spencer, Sviatoslav Richter: Notes and Conversations includes Richter's monologue for the film on which this book is based, French filmmaker Bruno Monsaingeon's interviews with the pianist as well as fascinating extracts from Richter's private notebooks documenting 30 years of artistic activity, photos, the pianist's personal répertoire list and a chronology of concert performances and major events between 1934 and 1995.

Those with an interest in this most enigmatic of Soviet musicians will want to snap up this book at once. But in view of its rich contents and the rarity of the material, it also makes this book a great last-minute Christmas gift to lovers of autobiography and admirers of Russian musical culture.

Sviatoslav Richter: Notes and Conversations

Sviatoslav Richter : Notebooks and Conversations
by Bruno Monsaingeon, Stewart Spencer (Translator), Sviatoslav Richter
Hardcover - 467 pages; March 2001
Princeton University Press; ISBN: 0691074380

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