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Book Review: 30 October 2018
Facing "Fear" Itself
In our moment of quickly moving news cycles, Phil Revzin hits the 'pause' button to revisit Bob Woodward's best-selling account of the Trump White House.

Book Review: 28 August 2018
Telling Truth While Talking Trump
In whole or in part, four recent books address the current U.S. president's tenuous command of reality and his troubling take on truth. Phil Revzin reviews.

News: 5 June 2018
British Library Exhibition Seeks To Temper Windrush Scandal Blowback
Using its own archives, the British Library is exploring the deeper reasons why the arrival of the Windrush became a symbol for the origins of British multiculturalism.

Comment: 7 May 2018
The Frye-ku Folio - 77
Canadian humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. This latest edition features his take on a new species of American Republican.

Comment: 24 January 2017
The Frye-Ku Folio: 74, 75, 76
Canadian humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Comment: 12 January 2017
A Fond Farewell
Phil Revzin describes his experience as a member of the crowd gathered to watch President Obama’s Farewell Address.

Cinema: 21 December 2016
Film Review: 'Arrival'
At a time when the vast majority of Americans can use a diversion from current events, "Arrival" manages to entertainingly distract while being thoughtfully provocative, and gives us hope that not all monsters are as scary as they first appear.

Book Review: 1 December 2016
Los Angeles
White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America
Bubbas, rubbish, scum, crackers - America's history is replete with nicknames for its poorest white citizens. Melynda Nuss shares her thoughts on White Trash, a perhaps overly-ambitious attempt to put that particular cultural identity into perspective.

Comment: 23 November 2016
EXPOSED! Hillary Involved In Child-Trafficking Ring!
Take a moment to think about why you clicked on that completely false, click-bait headline. Phil Revzin shares his thoughts on the consequences of blurring the lines between real and fake news.

Comment: 8 November 2016
It's only a game? Well, yes, but...
After 108 years of saying "maybe next year," Chicago Cubs fans can be forgiven the depth of their emotions as their team wins the World Series Championship.

Comment: 15 August 2016
The Frye-Ku Folio: 71, 72, 73
Canadian humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Comment: 5 July 2016
The Frye-ku Folio: 68, 69, 70
Canadian humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Book Review: 24 May 2016
'Dark Money'
It should come as no surprise that Candidacy plus Cash equals Corruption. Nevertheless, Jane Mayer's new book shines a light into some of the darkest recesses of political influence peddling in America. Philip Revzin shares his review.

Comment: 27 April 2016
New York
Great Britain and the European Union
Is the proposed British exit (or "Brexit") from the EU inevitable, or will cooler heads and careful consideration prevail? Philip Revzin comments.

Comment: 11 April 2016
The Frye-ku Folio: 65, 66, 67
Canadian humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Cinema: 9 March 2016
New York
Film Reviews: One For the Kids, One For the Old Fogies
'Deadpool' excels, 'Hail, Caesar!' tanks, and Philip Revzin muses on how audience age is reflected in box office receipts.

Comment: 7 March 2016
The Frye-ku Folio: 62, 63, 64
Humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Cinema: 22 February 2016
New York
Film Review: Don't Feel Sorry for 'Star Wars'
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' may have been largely ignored by the Motion Picture Academy, but don't feel sorry for the Walt Disney Company.

Comment: 14 February 2016
The Frye-ku Folio: 59, 60, 61
Canadian humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Book Review: 2 February 2016
New York
Judging Books And Their Covers
German graphic design reached its zenith during the Weimar years. A new tome from Taschen copiously documents the book designers' achievements.

Comment: 25 January 2016
The Frye-ku Folio: 56. 57. 58
Canadian humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Comment: 20 January 2016
New York
Why Does Davos Endure?
An insider's perspective on what really takes place at the Davos World Economic Forum. Conspiracy theorists will likely be disappointed to find out.

Commentary: 1 January 2016
New York
College, Cash and Concussions
Philip Revzin comments on the complex conundrum of football - how to weigh the popularity of the sport against the damage done to players by repeated blows to the head.

Cinema: 29 December 2015
New York
Film Review: 'The Big Short'
An all-star cast is employed to make a compelling movie about an unlikely subject, providing a cautionary tale of how big banks and investment firms created the sub-prime mortgage disaster - and how they may be repeating the same mistakes today. Philip Revzin reviews.

Comment: 28 December 2015
The Frye-Ku Folio: 53, 54, 55
Humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Cinema: 18 December 2015
New York
Film Review: 'Spotlight'
When dogged investigative reporters refuse to let the story die, the Boston Archdiocese and the entire Catholic Church find their darkest secrets splashed across the pages of the Boston Globe. Film reviewer Philip Revzin comments on Director Tom McCarthy's "Spotlight."

Style: 8 December 2015
New York
Book Review: Italian Style - Fashion Since 1945
Alan Behr in New York on an exhibition catalogue that chronicles the birth and growth of the Italian fashion industry from the post-World War II recovery years to the present day.

Style: 4 October 2015
The Frye-Ku Folio: 50, 51, 52 Euro Fashion Weeks
Canadian humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram in a tribute to Euro Fashion Weeks.

Tech: 5 September 2015
New York
Enigma Machine Heads for Auction Block
The fully operational early German Enigma machine was the subject of the Oscar winning film, The Imitation Game and carries an estimate of $160,000–180,000.

News: 23 August 2015
International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition
This year’s celebration marks the launch of the International Decade for People of African Descent (2015-2024).

Comment: 11 August 2015
The Frye-Ku Folio: 47, 48, 49
Canadian Humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Theatre Review: 14 July 2015
Lucrèce Borgia at The Comédie Française
Patricia Boccadoro on Victor Hugo's melodramatic play about a ruthless femme fatale whose very name struck horror in the hearts of all around her --- with costumes by Christian Lacroix.

News: 3 July 2015
Washington, DC
America Releases Freedmen's Bureau Records
The Freedmen’s Bureau was organized near the end of the American Civil War to assist newly freed slaves in 15 states and the District of Columbia.

Theatre Review: 9 May 2015
Philippe Decouflé's Contact
Patricia Boccadoro on Decouflé’s latest musical comedy. 

Cinema: 29 March 2015
San Francisco
Sebastião Salgado's New Film Opens in US Cinemas
The Brazilian photographer's Sony Pictures Classics release is in French, Portuguese and English with English subtitles, and is Rated PG-13 for thematic material involving disturbing images of violence and human suffering, and for nudity.

News: 4 March 2015
Adelaide, South Australia
Skeletons Reveal Spread of Indo-European Mother Language Through Europe
The latest study from the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA suggests that some of this language spread to Europe more recently than thought, approximately 4500 years ago.

Sport: 26 February 2015
New York
Boxing Gloves from Ali - Liston Match Sell for $956,000 at Auction
The May 1965 "Phantom Punch" bout in Lewiston, Maine is considered, by some, the most controversial sports event in history.

News: 23 February 2015
Gay Rights Struggle in Russia Depicted in World Press Photo of the Year
The 58th edition of the contest drew 97,912 images by 5,692 press photographers, photojournalists, and documentary photographers from 131 countries.

News: 2 February 2015
Washington, DC
Evolution: Scientist Confirms Marine Species Are What They Eat
Skull comparisons reveal how land animals evolved to feed in the sea.

Video Game Review: 13 June 2014
Los Angeles
Why has 'Journey' become one of the most downloaded video game titles for Playstation 3?

News: 19 March 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
Zoologist Discovers 19 New Species of Praying Mantis and Names One After Al Gore.

Among the new species, Liturgusa algorei, is named for Albert Arnold "Al" Gore Jr., former vice president of the United States of America.

Portrait: 24 January 2014
Baltimore, Maryland
The Amazing Johnny Eck Opens in Baltimore
Although born with no lower half, Eck lived a full life as a sideshow performer, actor, artist and magician.

News: 8 January 2014
The Infectious Dead: Morticians at Risk from TB in Human Remains

How long do infectious diseases survive in corpses?

Cinema: 3 December 2013
New York
Black Bird Sells for $4 Million
The iconic statuette of The Maltese Falcon was the top lot in a special sale in New York of Hollywood memorabilia.

News: 3 September 2013
Perth, Australia
Meteorite Crater in Brazil Reveals Biggest Extinction in Earth History
Australian scientist believes the explosion of methane released into the atmosphere would have resulted in instant global warming, wiping out much of the planet's animal life.

Television: 12 August 2013
Los Angeles
Breaking Bad: Final Season
Melynda Nuss comments on Warren Buffett, Keith Richards and Breaking Bad's Walter White.

News: 12 August 2013

Orangutans in Borneo Leaving Trees for Solid Ground
Newly recorded behaviour in the bornean orangutan may show adaptation to habitat change with serious  implications for their ecology and conservation.

Sport: 13 July 2013
Ex-Fangio 1954 Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 Sets Record Price For Sports Cars At Auction

The Bonhams auction as a whole became the highest-grossing auction of motor cars in Europe.

Theatre Review: 7 July 2013

Molière on Wives Who Cheat
The great French dramatist's hilarious but unflinching play about a woman's place and female infidelity returns to the Comédie-Française.

Tech: 3 July 2013
Los Angeles
Rare Ferrari 275 GTB NART Spider to Sell at Monterey Auction

One of the most desirable road going Ferraris built, and one of only 10 cars produced.

Movie Review: 31 May 2013
Los Angeles
The Great Gatsby
Melynda Nuss takes a closer look at Baz Luhrmann's extravagant adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Jazz Age novel.

News: 30 May 2013
New York
New Study Reveals Racial Disparity in Prostate Cancer Care in the United States
It would seem that America's rather dubious notion of a "post-racial society" does not apply to American men with prostate cancer.

Book Review: 20 April 2013
New York
Book Review: The Annotated Brothers Grimm Bicentenntial Edition
Harvard scholar Maria Tatar has added six new tales to this deluxe anniversary edition of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's popular, but often gruesome German folk tales.

Comment: 15 April 2013
San Francisco
Open Letter to Salvatore J. Cordileone, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of San Francisco

California attorney Edward F. Mitchell challenges the Roman Catholic clergyman's position on same-sex marriage.

Book Review: 14 April 2013
New York
Stella Adler on American Master Playwrights

Acting coach to Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Warren Beatty, Annette Benning among many others, the legendary Stella Adler dissects American theatre classics in a companion volume to her book on the master European playwrights Ibsen, Strindberg, and Chekhov. 

News: 8 April 2013
Los Angeles
Tips On How To Avoid Environmental Cancers

Smoking and poor nutrition together account for two-thirds of U.S. cancer deaths each year, but the President’s Cancer Panel reported in 2010 that environmental toxins play a significant and under-recognized role in many cancers, causing "grievous harm" to untold numbers of Americans.

Cinema: 28 March 2013
New York
Latin Cinema on Screens in New York: Havana Film Festival 2013
Nineteen features compete for the Havana Star Prize for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Documentary.

Movie Review: 23 February 2013
Los Angeles
'Lincoln' at Face Value

Valiant effort aside, ultimately Spielberg's opus fails to target below the (bewhiskered) surface.

Movie Review: 6 February 2013
New York
Caesar Must Die

The Taviani brothers present their version of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in a performance by inmates of Rome’s maximum security Rebibbia prison.

Sport: 3 February 2013
Washington, DC
Olympian Gaby Douglas Donates Personal Effects to National Museum of African American History and Culture
In the 2012 London Olympics, the then 16-year-old Douglas became the first U.S. gymnast to receive the individual all-around gold and team gold medals in a single Olympics.

Comment: 25 December 2012
New York
Rolling Stones 50 & Counting Tour

"It's only rock and roll (But I managed to score a ticket)," writes Alan Behr in New York.

Cinema: 13 December 2012
New York
Pasolini Retrospective Opens at MOMA
During his lifetime Pier Paolo Pasolini's challenging films were condemned and frequently banned for their raw sexuality, casual violence and rejection of middle-class values. 

Movie News: 10 December 2012
Los Angeles
King Kong Movie Poster Fetches $388,375 at Auction

The King Kong movie poster had a pre-auction estimate of $80,000.

Television: 30 November 2012
Los Angeles
A Tale of Two Englands: Downton Abbey and The Crimson Petal and the White
Melynda Nuss compares the ambitions of aristocrats at Downton Abbey to those of a young prostitute and her married client in the grime and grit of Victorian London.

News: 20 November 2012
Los Angeles
Charlie Chaplin Hat and Cane Sell for $62,500
Auction sales resuts include pieces connected to Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Frank Sinatra, Charles Schulz’s ‘Peanuts,’ Bugs Bunny, Sammy Davis Jr. and Bing Crosby.

News: 5 November 2012
New York
Is Extreme Weather Linked to Global Warming?
A large majority of Americans believe that global warming made several high profile extreme weather events worse

Style: 30 September 2012
New York
French Jewelry Designer Transforms AK47s Into Luxury Collection For Fonderie 47

Are recycled AK47s the new jewelry and humanitarian chic?

Cinema: 14 August 2012
Los Angeles
Movie Review: Beasts of the Southern Wild

In a forgotten swamp community in Louisiana, a desperate six-year-old girl must learn to survive unstoppable catastrophes of epic proportions.  

Sport: 1 August 2012
New York
Archive: Designer Steroids: Speeding Evolution (And Filling Stadium Seats)

First published on the opening day of the Beijing Olympic Games, this interview with an American research chemist about the ongoing battle against performance-enhancing drugs remains as relevant today as it was in 2008.

Sport: 19 June 2012
Eurosport: Accordion Wrestling

Kimmo Pohjonen and  his  group of ten Finnish, Olympic-style wrestlers known as Helsinki Nelson showcase a uniquely Finnish tradition in the world of Greco-Roman wrestling.

News: 18 June 2012
New York
Winston Churchill: Online and Off

In addition to the exhibition 'Churchill: The Power of Words,' now on view at The Morgan Library in New York, a new rich media website hopes to generate interest in Churchill among a younger audience and educators.

Book Review: 29 May 2012
New York
Money Can't Buy Happiness (But Looks Can Buy Money
Economist Daniel S. Hamermesh explains why people with attractive faces make more money than those with average looks.

Sport: 1 May 2012
Las Vegas
Ring Kings: Mayweather vs. Cotto Fight Live in Movie Theaters Nationwide

Ring Kings brings boxing superstar Floyd "Money" Mayweather face to face with World Champion Miguel Cotto, who will attempt to defend his WBA Super Welterweight World title.

News: 11 April 2012
Los Angeles

Latino Communities Hardest Hit by Air Pollution
The League of United Latin American Citizens found that seven out of 10 Hispanic Americans face air pollution threats 16 percent greater than the overall U.S. population, making Latino families more vulnerable to health problems associated with air pollutants. Poverty, lack of access to health care and language barriers increase the danger.

Theatre Review: 1 March 2012

Bare-breasted women in high-stepping black stiletto shoes, legs, legs and more legs dominate Philippe Decouflé's new stage production in Paris.

Book Review: 9 February 2012
Los Angeles
Language Games

Melynda Nuss on two new books about how we communicate in a multilingual and multicultural world.

News: 25 January 2012
EU Releases Data Protection Reform Proposal

According to  European Union Justice Minister Viviane Reding's proposed reforms there would be a single EU-wide set of rules for personal data protection, not the country by country hodgepodge of interpretations of the 1995 rules that exists now.

Cinema: 17 December 2011
Los Angeles
Movie Review: Melancholia

Tis the season to be jolly...or so we thought: "If Lars von Trier set out to make an accurate film about depression he has done a fantastic job.", writes culture critic Melynda Nuss about von Trier's new film Melancholia.

Cinema: 1 December 2011
New York
Film Review: A Dangerous Method

David Cronenburg’s new film explores how sex, anti-semitism and the professional rivalry of Sigmund Freud and his acolyte, Karl Jung, held sway at the dawn of pyschoanalysis.

Comment: 24 November 2011
The Frye-Ku Folio: 44, 45, 46

Canadian humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. In his latest group of three, Mr. Frye addresses the topic of romance gone wrong.

Cinema: 19 November 2011
Film Review: Contagion Isn't Catching

Andrew Jack on why the response to the star-studded Hollywood film is decidedly less than feverish.

Cinema: 4 November 2011
Film Review: The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn

While admitting to be a fan of Hergé and no unquestioning praiser of Spielberg, British journalist Andrew Jack considers the new Tintin movie has been unfairly maligned by critics in the UK.

News: 11 October 2011
Putin: Mafia or Soviet Throwback?

With remarks reported in a Russian newspaper last week, that he wanted to encourage the formation of a "Eurasian Union" of former Soviet states, birthday boy Vladimir Putin was accused by many of wanting to go back to the Communist past.

Tech: 10 October 2011
San Francisco
How Green is Your Data
The environmental impact from social networking sites and web surfing boils down to energy usage, which in turn affects the amount of greenhouse gases we pump into our atmosphere.

News: 6 October 2011
Swedish Poet Wins 2011 Nobel Prize for Literature

The Swedish Academy praised the poet, saying, "because, through his condensed, translucent images, he gives us fresh access to reality".

Books: 20 September 2011
New York
But is Accosting the Hotel Maid Also Wrong?

Can legal scholar Allan C. Hutchinson's recent book Is Eating People Wrong? inform us about the Dominique Strauss-Kahn sexual assault scandal in America? New York attorney Alan Behr reviews the book and offers an opinion on the legal case against the former IMF chief.

Cinema: 8 September 2011
New York
The Wave: He Was Only Following Orders

The new German film The Wave asks the viewer one question: if fascism were to happen again, would you come to love it?

News: 27 August 2011
New York
What is an Ocean Dean Zone?

Perhaps the most infamous U.S. dead zone is an 8,500 square mile swath of the Gulf of Mexico, not far from where the nutrient-laden Mississippi River, which drains farms up and down the Midwest, lets out

Comment: 19 July 2011
Murdoch's Meltdown

From the trenches of the UK phone hacking scandal, British journalist Colin Graham says that News International has always been a somewhat sinister organization.

News: 17 July 2011
Los Angeles
New Dinosaur Hall Opens in Los Angeles

Recent research suggests Tyrannosaurus rex ate one another, but we don’t know if they killed one another.

Style: 30 June 2011
The Frye-Ku Folio: 41, 42, 43

Canadian humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers his musings on the the Spring - Summer 2012 menswear shows in Milan during Fashion Week.

News: 28 June 2011
UN Calls for Global Study on Violence and Discrimination Against LGBT Community

The UN asks how can international human rights law be used to end violence and related human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Documentary: 31 May 2011
"And if God Doesn't Like Black People"

Documentaries by a French journalist explore Vatican racism against blacks, the sexual abuse of African nuns by priests and the deportation of French, Spanish and German citizens of African or Afro-European descent to Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

Books: 23 May 2011
Poetry: The Year of the Ecstatic Pessimist

The enigmatic Polish poet, Czeslaw Milosz — Nobel Laureate, diplomat, iconoclast — is remembered on the centenary of his birth.

Comment: 15 May 2011
The Frye-Ku Folio: 40 - Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Canadian humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. This latest edition features his take on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn sexual assault controversy and its implications for the IMF. 

Television: 15 April 2011
Los Angeles
People Tell Me I'm White and I Believe Them Auf Deutsch

While the American television comic Stephen Colbert's satirically inverted logic provokes young artists in Europe, the Harvard University scholar Henry Louis Gates investigates blackness in Latin America in a new PBS series.

Tech: 6 April 2011
New York
Can Japan Survive Without Nuclear Energy?

 Japan would be hard pressed to close all of its 54 nuclear reactors anytime soon, especially given that these plants provide over a third of the nation’s electricity supply and 11 percent of its total energy needs.

Theatre Review: 28 March 2011
Houston, Texas

A Weekend With Pablo Picasso
Herbert Siguenza, the 30-year theatre veteran  who pioneered the use of sketch comedy to illuminate the complex ethnic relationships of America’s cities, presents his vision of Pablo Picasso.

Comment: 9 March 2011
The Frye-ku Folio: 37, 38, 39 

Canadian humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. This latest trio include his take on the world of "the dance.".

Cinema: 25 February 2011
Los Angeles
Review: The King's Speech

Has anyone noticed that both this film and its main competitor for Hollywood’s highest distinction — The Social Network — essentially tell the same story?

Tech: 7 February 2011
English Lord's Bugattis Fetch Over 1.2 Million Euros at Motor Car Sale in Paris

From the estate of Fitzroy Somerset, 5th Baron Raglan, Patron and Past Chairman of the Bugatti Owners' Club, Trustee of the Bugatti Trust

Cinema: 1 February 2011
Los Angeles
Review: Black Swan

Melynda Nuss on Darren Aronofsky’s "psychosexual thriller." set in the world of New York City ballet. 

News: 28 January 2011
Davos, Switzerland
France and Germany Stand Behind the Euro

"Never will we turn our backs on the euro, never will we drop the euro," declared President Nicolas Sarkozy of France at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Comment: 9 December 2010
The Frye-ku Folio: 34, 35, 36 - Noël 2010

Humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. This latest trio showcases some of the unique joys of the Christmas season.

Style: 8 December 2010
New York
Albert Watson's Really Big Book

Alan Behr in New York on the Scottish-born fashion and style photographer's new book, UFO (Unified Fashion Objectives).

Television: 21 November 2010
Los Angeles
The (Increasingly Familiar) Sound of Sondheim’s Music

Great Performances presents Sondheim! The Birthday Concert. In this latest, star-studded celebration, Sondheim’s music is caught making its entrance again, in its usual way. It’s all starting to seem very familiar.

Comment: 4 November 2010
Gorbachev, Solzhenitsyn and Putin

Quick quiz: Which one will history laud, which admire and which revile? Colin Graham posits the answer depends largely on one’s global coordinates (and choice of media outlets).

Seen: 31 October 2010
Matters Animal, Vegetable and Political

The dizzying challenges facing President Obama on the eve of the mid-term elections never seemed so ear-catchingly tuneful.

Book Review: 30 October 2010
New York
Book Review: Fade to Black

Paul Donnelley's collection of brief, often macabre, obituaries of Hollywood luminaries is a perfectly ghoulish read for an evening punctuated by Trick-or-Treaters ringing the doorbell every ten minutes.

Cinema: 22 October 2010
Los Angeles
Hollywood Music in Media Awards Announce Film and Television Nominnes

The list of nominees include scores for The Social Network, Inception, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Black Swan among others..

Comment: 30 September 2010
The Frye-ku Folio: 31, 32, 33

Canadian humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. This latest group of three include his musings on the topics of Crime, Discipline and Punishment.

News: 19 September 2010
New York
Plants Risk Worldwide Extinction

The UK-based nonprofit, Plantlife, found that 15,000 of the 50,000 species of wild plants used in traditional remedies are being overexploited and are potentially headed for extinction.

Books: 5 August 2010
Los Angeles
The Imagined Dénouement: 3
How To Survive an Atomic Bomb

In the latest of his "Imagined Dénouement" series, O. Tyrone Shulaise proposes what the final page of a book might be, based solely on the appearance of its cover.

Cinema: 23 July 2010
New York
You Can't Spell "Inception" Without

Banal, formulaic (in the worst possible sense), ear splitting and over-wrought, 2010's much-hyped summer blockbuster succeeds on only one front - providing movie-goers with two and a half hours of air conditioned relief from the sizzling heat.

Book Review: 12 July 2010
New York
Thank Heaven for Not-so-Little Girls
Alan Behr in New York on the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Book, Heaven 

Comment: 9 July 2010
The Frye-ku Folio: 28, 29, 30 

Humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

 DVD Review: 7 June 2010
New York
Henri Cartier-Bresson Collector's Edition

Henri Cartier-Bresson may be considered the father of modern photojournalism, but he was not solely a photographer. A new 2-disc DVD of several documentaries he shot between the 1930s and the 1970s bear witness to his affection for the cinema. Read the review.

Comment: 4 June 2010
The Frye-ku Folio: 27

Humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Number 27 in the series of modern-day Haiku is his love letter to British Petroleum

News: 22 May 2010

World Cup South Africa To Kick Off With Superstar Concert Lineup
Billed as the greatest entertainment event to date in Africa, the mega concert features musical performances by an all-star line up as well as the presence of football legends and other celebrities.

Comment: 17 May 2010
The Frye-ku Folio: 24, 25, 26

Humorist and illustrator Arcangelo Frye offers up pages from his folio of Haiku for the age of Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.Included in this selection is his commentary on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Comment:10 May 2010
The UK Election Results

Andrew Jack offers some observations on the recent elections and their muddled outcome.

News: 10 May 2010
New York
Offshore Oil Drilling and the BP Disaster

The BP oil disaster is casting a long shadow over the public comment process now going on in Virginia and other coastal U.S. states that are considering putting exploratory oil wells in their offshore waters.

News: 17 April 2010
Geneva, Switzerland
WHO Warns Against Breathing Volcanic Ash

The wind direction and other meteorological conditions have an impact on where the ash falls to earth. Photos and health guidelines.

Theatre Review: 2 April 2010

The Power of Yes at the Lyttelton, National Theatre, London
David Hare’s latest play attempts — and fails — to compellingly dramatize the events leading to the near collapse of the global financial system.

News: 30 March 2010
Geneva, Switzerland
CERN Collider Research Programme Reboots

"With these record-shattering collision energies, the LHC experiments are propelled into a vast region to explore, and the hunt begins for dark matter, new forces, new dimensions and the Higgs boson," said spokesperson, Fabiola Gianotti.

Tech: 14 March 2010
Los Angeles
Electric cars, hybrids and...coal power?

Coal-fired power will be the predominant source of electricity used by electric and plug-in hybrid cars unless we begin to source significant amounts of electricity from renewables like solar and wind.

News: 2 March 2010
New York
The Suicide Tourist: Frontline Investigates Assisted Suicide in Switzerland

Do we have the right to end our lives if life itself becomes unbearable, or when we enter the late-stages of painful, terminal illness? PBS news series Frontline offers a revealing look at people facing the most difficult decision of their lives.

News: 22 February 2010
Los Angeles
Why is Nuclear Waste Stored on Native American Reservations?

The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation says that the U.S. government and private companies have been offering Native American tribes millions of dollars to host nuclear waste storage sites.

Theatre Review: 5 February 2010
San Diego, California
Whisper House: Murmurs of Something Great

All the ingredients are there, but before Whisper House can find success, some serious tinkering with the recipe is needed.

Tech: 29 January 2010
Washington, DC
How To Create Green Jobs in America?
Bring Back the Bidet

Once reserved for Europeans, bidets are now popular all over the world — except in North America.

News Analysis: 24 January 2010
San Francisco

Environmental Concerns After Haiti's Earthquake
The lack of trees because of deforestation in Haiti causes huge soil erosion problems, threatening both food and clean water sources in this country of 9.7 million people that is the poorest in the Western hemisphere.

Film Reivew: 12 January 2010

In director James Cameron’s mega-marketed Hollywood hoop-de-doo, we ar e presented with a wild blue yonder that is depressingly constrained by Earth-bound conventions.

Tech: 25 December 2009
New York

One Laptop Per Child Drives Breakthrough in New XO Design for Children’s Laptop.
OLPC chairman Nicholas Negroponte and MIT Media Lab announce new designs for children's laptop.

Books: 3 November 2009
Los Angeles

A Book by its Cover
In the first of a series of humor essays, O. Tyrone Shulaise imagines what the final page of a particularly torrid (and actual!) 1960s pulp novel might be, based solely on the appearance of its cover.

Style: 31 October 2009
New York

Real Men Don't Shop (at least not for fashion)
The average man’s attention span and patience for clothes shopping is notoriously brief. Are retailers to blame?

News: 6 October 2009

Life Quality Quantified: The Brutality of Happenstance
In one moment, two babies – one born in Norway and the other in Niger – largely have their fates sealed, as demonstrated by the 2009 Human Development Index.

Cinema / Style: 25 September 2009
New York

The September Issue, or Grace Under Pressure
As seen in R.J. Cutler’s new documentary, if Anna Wintour reigns as the seated monarch at Vogue, it is Grace Coddington, the magazine’s Creative Director, who might just be considered its éminence grise.

News Editorial: 19 Septembre 2009
es 101 Gestes du Président Américain
No. 24: L'Appel Direct au Peuple: Exercice Périlleux

Comment: 8 September 2009
New York

Time for a "Fourth Estate" Tax?
Are the titans of "real" journalism — the type that is expensive, exhaustive, essential to a functioning Democracy and not terribly Internet friendly — a doomed group? Would Americans pay a tax to keep them from dying out? Alan Behr offers his perspective.

Comment: 19 August 2009
New York

Is "Clean Coal" Really Clean?
Coal wreaks environmental havoc, from the coal mining that pollutes rivers and streams, to the premature deaths of coal miners from accidents and lung diseases, to the release of greenhouse gases, mercury and other toxins at power plants.

Book Review: 21 July 2009
New York

The Inner World of Farm Animals
In her fascinating, good-for-all-ages book, Amy Hatkoff not only re-introduces us to familiar farm animals, but makes their lives and characters sweetly compelling.

Comment: 7 July 2009
New York

Hippocratic or Hypocritical? When Medical Information is Flawed, Who is Responsible?
In the wake of the Dalkon Shield and Vioxx, is it any wonder that patients, in an effort to educate themselves, are seduced by the slick marketing efforts of everyone from Big Pharma to late night snake oil salesmen?

Book Review: 30 June 2009
New York

Hiding in Plain Sight: The Secret World of Raymond Burr
That the film and television actor was in a long-term, same-sex relationship is scarcely enough to sustain the salaciously titled new biography by Michael Seth Starr.

News Editorial: 5 June 2009

Tiananmen, Twenty Years Hence: What France has Forgotten
For a brief moment in history, it seemed that Paris might emerge as the capital of a Free China. How did France’s courageous initial reactions to the Tiananmen massacre wither and fade into amnesia and apathy?

Comment: 25 May 2009
Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
Missing Link: (Too) Much Ado About Ida
Despite all the media hyperbole about "missing links," it may turn out that all the scientific claims and ejaculations are a bit, in a word, premature. Dr. Anton Espira offers his perspective.

Comment: 24 April 2009
San Francisco

Tortures Taint: Waterboarding Sean Hannity for Charity
Yes, imagining that this scenario could take place is a guilty pleasure. But only with emphasis on the word "guilty.

Comment: 13 February 2009
Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
The Evolution of Charles Darwin's Reputation
Not since Copernicus were such fiery passions stirred by scientific theory as by those of Charles Darwin. On the 200th anniversary of his birth, world wide commemorations of the man and his works reveal the intelligent design behind his efforts to shape his own legacy.

New York
Designer Steroids: Speeding Evolution
(And Filling Stadium Seats)

American research chemist Jason S. Thomas explains cutting edge steroids and why the Olympic Committee hasn't got a chance in its ongoing battle against performance-enhancing drugs

Palo Alto, California
Hyperion Nuclear Batteries: Clean Power from Underground
Otis Peterson is no Tony Stark, but his innovative, idiot-proof nuclear battery will surely beat Iron Man's arc reactor to market and bring (relatively) green power to remote locations.

Obituary: Yves Saint Laurent
The undisputed king of fashion during the 1960s and 70s, Saint Laurent introduced le smoking, bare breasts and masculine glamour to the storied world of haute couture.

Style :
Karl Lagerfeld: "Confidential" or Just Plain Confusing?
Shine Anthony-Dharan weighs in on the up-close documentary and haute gossip about the life and times of fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

Comment: The Frye-ku Folio - 77

Selected Archives

Book Review: White Trash:
The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America

Comment: A Fond Farewell

Brexit: Great Britain and the European Union

Putin: Mafia or Soviet Throwback?

François-Dominique Toussaint L'Ouverture (1743 - 1803)
Égalité For All: Toussaint L'Ouverture
and the Haitian Revolution

Time for a "Fourth Estate" Tax?
Tips for Evening Dress

Interview: 3 August 2009

Hammer (and Sickle) Time for Japan?
Periods of global financial turmoil provide fertile ground for Communist movements, even in the least likely places. C.B. Liddel profiles the head of the Japan Communist Party, Kazuo Shii.

Film Review: 27 July 2009

Afghan Star
Can an "American Idol"-type contest succeed where the Russians, the Taliban and the United States have failed? Havana Marking’s new film sheds light on that unlikeliest of likely possibilities.

Books, DVD
New York
Dying Darfur: Sudan Genocide Subject of New DVD, Book
Sudan coverage may be missing from American news these days, but Janjaweed ethnic cleansing, financed by Chinese oil money, goes on every day. A new film on DVD and a book of photographs call us to remember those dying in Darfur.

San Francisco
Barack Obama: The New Caesar Africanus? Or, What the hell is Chris Matthews Talking About?
Barack Obama blows away his audience at the Democratic National Convention. But Chris Matthews is a little too carried away by his enthusiasm. Also, Keith Olbermann takes on the AP's Charles Babington.

San Francisco
Sarah Palin: A Six-Point Plan for Her Debate with Joseph Biden
Build your own igloo! That's Sarah Palin's modest proposal to clean up the mess the Democrat congress created over the last eight years! The plan will help ordinary Americans, veterans, gun lovers, the obese and foreclosure victims! And it will even stop the Russians!

Cambridge, Massachusetts
The Commercialization of Race: Science, Technology and Medicine
Do medical and commercial products targeted by race re-energize the idea of race as a biological category just when scientists thought they had laid it to rest? MIT research scientist and physician Dr. David S. Jones weighs in on the controversy before an upcoming conference on race, medicine and the social sciences.

San Francisco
Obama Super Bowl Ad and "Yes We Can Song" Show Campaign's Media 2.0 Savvy
C. Antonio Romero on the political implications of the viral Internet & YouTube phenomenon with over 12 million views in 72 hours.

San Francisco
Mitt Romney: Faith, Freedom, and Mormonism Unseen
Willard M. Romney pulls the Constitution, religious freedom, and tolerance (rather than the Book of Mormon) out of his hat, and may have distracted his audience long enough to "disappear" the more bizarre and controversial doctrines of his religion.

Soccer: High Price of Being a Fan
Pricey new book weighs in on history of England’s most storied football club.

Commen t
La Paz, Bolivia
Race and Images in Bolivia
"If popular media offer ideal social images, the Bolivian model is assimilation (and exclusion for those who refuse it),"  writes Alexander Provan from La Paz.

The Perfect Storm: Iran Sits in Eye of Political Hurricane
Swirling in wake of hostage crises, White House pressure and Russian influence, Iran sits in eye of political hurricane. An editorial by Andrew Jack.

Commen t:
San Francisco
Iraq: Would It Be So Wrong to Get Out?
Adolescent right-wing ideology, miscalculations, incompetence and pathological lying from the Bush administration have left America pursuing unachievable goals and Iraq drifting toward civil war. Is there still time to get it right in Iraq? And if not, would it be so wrong to get out?

News Feature
Days of Glory: Valor, Racism and the Ingratitude of the French Republic
Cannes Film Festival sensation Days of Glory is set during World War II, and is the compelling tale of four brave North African soldiers and forgotten heroes who assist in liberating France from Hitler’s Nazi oppression. 

Comment: 19 Mai 2008
Nicolas Sarkozy est-il le John McCain francais?
John McCain et Nicolas Sarkozy se ressemblent étrangement : ils s’en prennent à l’immigration, ils ont un parti démoralisé et intellectuellement exsangue, et ils sont esclaves des sondages. En cette fin de première année de pouvoir, Sarkozy peut constater que les stratégies électorales ne servent pas à gouverner. Néanmoins, ce président pseudo-gaulliste et ce candidat républicain se livrent à une certaine émulation stratégique réciproque. Harold Hyman, à Paris, nous livre ce commentaire.

News Archives
Pardon My French
Bloggers Debate France's Presidential Candidates
"Political videos are much in demand, a phenomenon that is indicative of what is happening on French blogs," says Marion Lagardère.

New York
The Plague: Racism and the Swiss Elections

Point de vue
La Peste : Le Racisme et Les Elections Suisses

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