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By Tony Sarg
Rizzoli New York


By Donna Maria Chandler

NEW YORK, 12 APRIL 2007 —Tony Sarg, noted author / illustrator and master puppeteer wrote this delightful children’s book in 1926. He introduces the reader to New York sites using a header on one page which identifies the site and provides a one sentence description; while on the opposite page, he illustrates the sites using animated illustrations. In viewing the illustrations, one can see how he has incorporated his skills as a master puppeteer to make his characters show humor, engagement and movement.

This book will appeal to children five years and older and is especially appealing to adults who will reflect on twenty-four famous places in New York including Grand Central Station, the Public Library, Museum of Natural History, the Aquarium, Times Square, The Great White Way, etc.

Young readers today who have been exposed to media about New York may raise a few questions related to the 1926 illustrations including: how the site changed; the lack of diversity on some pages; the role of women; and the definition of ghetto. Although written eighty-one years ago, this book is still relevant because it captures the "heart and soul" of urban New York City where people generally are moving at a fast pace and navigating crowds.

By Tony Sarg, Introduction by Jonathan Adler
Hardcover: 64 pages
Universe (March 27, 2007)

Rizzoli New York
ISBN-10: 0789315483
ISBN-13: 978-0789315489
US Price: $19.95
CAN Price: $24.95

Donna Maria Chandler is an international educator.  Her work has taken her to Bangladesh, India, South Africa, Egypt and El Salvador. Formerly with the Sesame Workshop, she specializes in children's books and media literacy.

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