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Non Sequitur Festival

NEW YORK, 10 August 1998 - The Manhattan-based ComposersCollaborative inc, a new music presenting organization, and HERE, the Obie award-winning independent art center in Soho, present cool sounds to beat the summer heat at the Non Sequitur Festival. The three-evening event kicks off on 13 August with Camp, composer Randall Woolf's seven-piece art/rock band.

Wendy Mae Chambers known for creating works on a large scale, including Symphony of the Universe, and the Mass for 77 Trombones promises to make a big noise on a toy piano redux on Friday. Chambers will play a recital of music written especially for her by Jerome Kitzke, Patrick Hardish, and Jed Distler. Her program includes John Cage's classic Suite for Toy Piano and the première of her own Mandala for Toy Piano and Sonatina for Toy Piano and Hamster(s).

On Saturday evening composer Jed Distler joins members of Blue, Gamelan Son of Lion, Music under Construction, Riverside Choral Society, Many and the Non Sequitar festival audience in a reinterpretation of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. Original music, texts, and performances by Jed Distler, Barbara Benary, David Leopold, Randall Woolf, Kathleen Supové, Patrick Grant, Bob Windbiel, Kimberley Jean, Philip Mantione, Alysse Stepanian, Joseph Forte, Tony Scafide and Tracy Wagner among others.

Information Tel: (1) 212 647 02 02
Independent Art HERE
145 6th Avenue (south of Spring @ Dominick St.)
New York, N.Y.

Thursday 13 to Saturday 15 August 1998

Website: http://www.interport.net/~cci

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