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Mike Reed: Troglodyte

Mike Reed:"Troglodyte"

Mike Reed: Cyber Sisters

Mike Reed: "Cyber Sisters"

Mike Reed: Big Dog and Me Too

Mike Reed: Big Dog and Me Too

Seen on the Net: Flame Warriors

NEW YORK, 25 May 2001 "Flame wars" date back to the dawn of the Internet as a medium for communal discourse - the newsgroups and mailing lists of the 1980's and earlier were often home to bitter disputes among legions of people with little better to do, often, than snipe at each other via hostile "flame" messages. From the splitting of virtual hairs and the picking of virtual fights to the ad hominem attack and even the threat of cyber-violence, internet denizens have gone at it hammer and tongs since long before "http://" was even a glimmer in Tim Berners-Lee's eye.

Now Minneapolis illustrator Mike Reed is compiling a bestiary of Flame Warriors an ever-growing compendium of the different species of virtual combatant that inhabit today's online forums, mailing lists and other communities. Digital illustrations and clever descriptions detail the threats awaiting non-combatants sallying forth into the fray - solitary menaces like "Klaxon""Troglodyte"  and "Grenade" , and armed groups like the "Cyber Sisters", "The Swarm", and the "Howlers" . Many members of the Flame Warriors roster have been suggested by Reed's visitors, but the illustrations are all Reed's. Not all of them are brilliant, but the more choice images and descriptions in the collection should raise more than a few chuckles, for anyone who's been sucked into the online-community side of the Internet.

Reed offers an online portfolio that in addition to Flame Warriors shows off his other workpaintings and digital sketches that include children's book and other illustration and satirical swipes at the foibles of the French, European life and art school in France. The site's navigation is rather confused, but a site map provides access to most of his material.


Mike Reed: Lurker

Mike Reed: Lurker

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