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Seen on the Net: The Lowbrow Lowdown

NEW YORK, 7 November 2000 - By day, freelance writer Kate Kaye brings an outsider's perspective to her writings on advertising and marketing for Advertising Age's Creativity, as well as Revolution Magazine, BrandEra's BrandNews and others. But on her personal site, The Lowbrow Lowdown, she serves up scintillating, sometimes savage critique - what she calls "ad and marketing commentary with bite." Kaye sinks her editorial teeth into the effluvia of the worldwide marketing machine, with commentary that spans a wide range - dot-com faux-pas, Old Economy companies, academics for rent, hypocritical management gurus, and even hard-drink ing Chancellor-cum-rapper Gerhard Schroeder. (Ultimately, she can comment on everything and anything, since at this point in history, everything that is, is marketed.) Kaye's class of acid wit and keenly crafted prose are rarely seen on the Web, and her original graphics provide a tongue-in-cheek counterpoint to the commentary. Updated weekly.


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