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Culturekiosque Nouveau: Interviews

Interviews and world music.

Most recent features:

Hammer (and Sickle) Time for Japan?

Periods of global financial turmoil provide fertile ground for Communist movements, even in the least likely places. C.B. Liddel profiles the head of the Japan Communist Party, Kazuo Shii.

Brian Moss: A Different Vision - Bodybuilders, Female Orgasms, and Killer Clowns

Brian Moss speaks to Culturekiosque about three of his photographic series: Bodybuilding, USA; Women During Sex, which depicts the moments before, during or after women's orgasms; and the conceptual series, Killer Clown.

Stacey Earle, Country Music Star: Interview

This is a story like soaps you've seen on afternoon television about a young mother struggling against poverty, sickness and drug addiction to become a country music star; but better. Mike Zwerin interviews the late-blooming sister of country artist Steve Earle, now a star in her own right.

Burhan Öçal: Music alla Turca - Interview

if you praise a Turkish jazz musician to the cats in New York, be prepared for puzzled if not hostile looks. Although, in one case anyway, that may be about to change. Burhan Öçal just finished a rare two-month U.S. tour with the Kronos Quartet in San Francisco and the Istanbul Oriental Ensemble in Irvine. Mike Zwerin interviews this master of fusing Turkish musical forms with American jazz.

Angélique Kidjo: Solving the Crossover Problem

It is being said that Kidjo's music has crossed over from the world music category. Into exactly what, however, she is not sure:

Wasis Diop Gives Interview at

Diop believes that in order for Africans to develop a truly modern society it might have to be modeled on the Japanese experience. Mike Zwerin's interview explores Diop's hopes for an African renaissance.

Philippe Decouflé : Just doing his own thing

Interview with Philippe Decouflé, the most imaginative and talented artistic director/choreographer in France. This summer, Decouflé will be bringing his show "Sazam!" to London's Barbican Centre -- more a conjuring trick than a ballet, musical or play.

Brian Moss Interview: Pro Bodybuilder Photos

Mr Olympia photos of male bodybuilders and an interview with photographer Brian Moss.

Older editorial, sorted alphabetically:

Brian Moss: Bodybuilder Photos

How Brian Moss evolved from owner of New York's

Photographing Women During Sex: Interview with Photographer Brian Moss, Part 2

Photographer (and voyeur?) Brian Moss discusses how he came to take erotic photographs of women during sex, as well as his
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