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Gay Rights Struggle in Russia Depicted in World Press Photo of the Year

The 58th edition of the contest drew 97,912 images by 5,692 press photographers, photojournalists, and documentary photographers from 131 countries.
23 Feb 2015

Evolution: Scientist Confirms Marine Species Are What They Eat

Skull comparisons reveal how land animals evolved to feed in the sea.
2 Feb 2015

Zoologist Discovers 19 New Species of Praying Mantis and Names One After Al Gore.

Among the new species, Liturgusa algorei, is named for Albert Arnold "Al" Gore Jr., former vice president of the United States of America.

The Infectious Dead: Morticians at Risk from TB in Human Remains

How long do infectious diseases survive in corpses?

Meteorite Crater in Brazil Reveals Biggest Extinction in Earth History

Australian scientist believes the explosion of methane released into the atmosphere would have resulted in instant global warming, wiping out much of the planet's animal life.

Orangutans in Borneo Leaving Trees for Solid Ground

Newly recorded behaviour in the bornean orangutan may show adaptation to habitat change with serious implications for their ecology and conservation.

New Study Reveals Racial Disparity in Prostate Cancer Care in the United States

It would seem that America's rather dubious notion of a "post-racial society" does not apply to American men with prostate cancer.

Tips On How To Avoid Environmental Cancers

Smoking and poor nutrition together account for two-thirds of U.S. cancer deaths each year, but the President’s Cancer Panel reported in 2010 that environmental toxins play a significant and under-recognized role in many cancers, causing “grievous harm” to untold numbers of Americans.

Older editorial, sorted alphabetically:

2006 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Free uninterrupted live streaming video coverage online from the 2006 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

2006 Sundance Film Festival Award Winners

Christopher Quinn's 'God Grew Tired of Us', a story about Sudanese lost boys in the late 1980s and 'Quinceanera', a tale of disaffected Latino teenagers come of age in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles are among this year's big winners.

2008: Year of the Rat, Leap Year...and Now, Year of the Frog?

While those celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year mark 2008 as the Year of the Rat, and much of the world attaches mystical significance to 2008 as a leap year, 2008 has also been designated the "Year of the Frog".
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