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By Culturekiosque Staff

NEW YORK, 30 SEPTEMBER 2012 — Are recycled AK47s the new jewelry and humanitarian chic? Apparently Fonderie 47 and James de Givenchy think so. Last week, Fonderie 47, the company that removes AK47s from war zones and transforms them into rare jewelry and accessories, announced its new collaboration with New York-based jewelry designer James de Givenchy.

Givenchy's Phoenix Collection for Fonderie 47 was inspired by the concept of the egg as a symbol of budding possibility, fundamental beauty, and the potential for rebirth.  The limited edition pieces are crafted from AK47 steel, sustainably-sourced 18 karat rose gold and platinum, and conflict-free diamonds in Givenchy's New York City studio.

"I believe that I was destined to make this collection for Fonderie 47; The Phoenix Collection is at once whimsical, cheerful, and powerful. It embodies rebirth and thus is revolutionary in the proper sense of the word," said James de Givenchy. "I would like the wearer to feel how they are agents of the change that will be made." 

The Phoenix Collection features four handcrafted jewelry pieces for women and an objet d'art, an egg crafted from AK47 steel and diamonds. The Phoenix Collection debuted at a private exhibition in New York City this past weekend.  Pieces are available for purchase by contacting Fonderie 47.

"The Collection realizes new possibilities against the destructive past of the AK47," said Peter Thum, cofounder and CEO of Fonderie 47. "Each piece carries the power to destroy the tools of conflict and to reinterpret and transform the meaning of our ideals, our actions and our adornments."

The sale of each Fonderie 47 piece funds the further destruction of a specific number of assault rifles in Africa through NGO partnerships.  All precious metals and gems in the collection are sustainably-sourced and conflict-free. To date Fonderie 47 has destroyed more than 20,000 assault rifles in Africa.  Fonderie 47's original collections include a limited series of men's cufflinks, custom-made men's rings, and hand-made earrings for women. 

James Claude Taffin de Givenchy was born and raised in France. Givenchy grew up in Beauvais, a small town in the suburbs of Paris where the Parfums Givenchy has its factory and where his Father, Jean-Claude Taffin de Givenchy and his uncle, Hubert James Taffin de Givenchy, the famous fashion designer, were born. James is one of 7 children. Givenchy moved to New York in the early 1980s and founded his own jewelry concern in Manhattan in 1996.

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