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Where science, technology and culture intersect.

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Enigma Machine Heads for Auction Block

The fully operational early German Enigma machine was the subject of the Oscar winning film, 'The Imitation Game' and carries an estimate of $160,000–180,000.

Rare Ferrari 275 GTB NART Spider to Sell at Monterey Auction

One of the most desirable road going Ferraris built, and one of only 10 cars produced.

How Green is Your Data?

The environmental impact from social networking sites and web surfing boils down to energy usage, which in turn affects the amount of greenhouse gases we pump into our atmosphere.

Can Japan Survive Without Nuclear Energy?

Japan would be hard pressed to close all of its 54 nuclear reactors anytime soon, especially given that these plants provide over a third of the nation’s electricity supply and 11 percent of its total energy needs.

English Lord's Bugattis Fetch Over 1.2 Million Euros at Motor Car Sale in Paris

From the estate of Fitzroy Somerset, 5th Baron Raglan, Patron and Past Chairman of the Bugatti Owners' Club, Trustee of the Bugatti Trust.

Electric cars, hybrids and...coal power?

Coal-fired power will be the predominant source of electricity used by electric and plug-in hybrid cars unless we begin to source significant amounts of electricity from renewables like solar and wind.

How To Create Green Jobs in America? Bring Back the Bidet

Once reserved for Europeans, bidets are now popular all over the world -­ except in North America.

One Laptop Per Child Drives Breakthrough in New XO Design for Children’s Laptop.

OLPC chairman Nicholas Negroponte and MIT Media Lab announce new designs for children's laptop.

Older editorial, sorted alphabetically:

Cell Phone Health Effects

The jury is still out as to whether——or how much——radio and microwave frequencies from cell phones and other sources may negatively impact human health.

China's Green Olympics


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