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DUBLIN, 14 June 2006—Curated by Regina Gleeson Better Than the Real Thing? is an exhibition-in-progress that enables endless reinterpretation of ideas by sidestepping the creative limitations of copyright.

On view in Dublin's Four gallery until 22 July as well as online, each of four original artworks by Saoirse Higgins & Simon Schiessl, Enda O'Donoghue, Martin Shannon and Jürgen Simpson explores separate aspects of reproduction and re-telling of a story and each work discloses different information about the mark of authenticity in art of the present day.

Saoirse Higgins & Simon Schiessl's interactive media installation, Mechanism No. 1: War, draws inspiration from the re-telling of war in the news media and unsettles the passive absorption of the images of war as the backing track to our lives.

Enda O'Donoghue's Gone 410 painting is involved with the translations of images from one circumstance to another while Martin Shannon's photographic image, Self-portrait as Amanda Coogan as David with Cattle lightens the weight of art historical iconography. Similar to Shannon's dialogue across five centuries of art history, Jürgen Simpson's installation takes its point of departure from music of the sixteenth century. His work deconstructs the musical spectrum of a piece of sixteenth century music only to reconstruct it as a new work in a new context—the soundscape of twentieth century cartoons.

Visitors can view the artwork in the gallery or online. They are also invited to use camera, camera-phone, minidisk recorder, video camera, sketchbook or other recording devices to make a record of any or all of these works of art. Re-interpretation of these un-copyrighted works as well as other subsequent re-interpretations from other artists can be submitted to Four and the exhibition web site. These second, third and fourth generation works will be exhibited in digital format on www.betterthantherealthing.info and in Four gallery. Check web site for further details.

11 Burgh Quay
Dublin 2
Tel: (353) (0)86 365 12 56

Photo above
Saoirse Higgins & Simon Schiessl
Mechanism No. 1: War
Interactive installation, 2003
Photo courtesy of Four Gallery, Dublin

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