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Culturekiosque OperaNet: Books

Kasow reviews biographies, guides, histories and other books about opera.

Most recent features:

Book Reviews: Musical Icons

Book Review: Sherrill Milnes - American Aria

Sherrill Milnes’s autobiography, 'American Aria', has now been updated for a paperback edition. Read the review.

Book Review: Opera Loverís Cookbook

Joel Kasow reviews Francine Segan and the Metropolitan Opera Guild's guide to opera-themed parties, menus and recipes.

Monteverdi and Wagner: Two Operatic Giants

Book reviews of Thomas May's 'Decoding Wagner: An Invitation to his World of Music Drama' and Mark Ringer's 'Operaís First Master: The Musical Dramas of Claudio Monteverdi'.

Book Review: First Nights at the Opera

Thomas Kelly takes us behind the scenes at the premiere performances of five of the most influential operas in European opera.

Opera on Screen: A Guide to More Than 100 Years of Opera Films, Videos, and DVDs

There have already been books about opera and cinema and/or television, but Ken Wlaschin's Encyclopedia is the reference work for which we have been waiting.

Book Review: Opera Lover's Companion Charles Osborne: Opera Lover's Companion

Osborne's "Opera Lover's Companion" suffers from non-existent fact-checking, bizarre judgments, misinformation too much material pillaged from the author's earlier traversals of the operatic repertoire.

"The Autobiography of Maria Callas: a Novel" by Alma Bond

Fictional autobiography by retired psychoanalyst Alma Bond pulls no punches, and lets it all hang out.

Older editorial, sorted alphabetically:

Opera Singers (Sometimes) Tell All: Three Autobiographies

Singers' autobiographies are a special genre, and the titles under review represent the extremes of the spectrum.

The "too" Rough Guide to Opera

Rough Guides began as travel guides, well thought of by all those I've ever spoken to, and they are now branching out into new territory. But it is difficult to see at whom this new book - which initially excited great enthusiasm but quickly provoked even greater irritation - is aimed.
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