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FEMA Faux News Conference: Five Casualties Reported

What do gay prostitutes, Roland Barthes and Helen Thomas have to do with the FEMA fake press conference after the California wildfires?

WTO Announces Compassionate Slavery Market for Africa

Culture jammers 'The Yes Men' channel Jonathan Swift, in making a modest proposal to privatize Africans at a conference at the Wharton School. The US Trade Representative for Africa seems to be thinking along the same lines...

How Santeria Inspires Art in Cuba

Four Cuban artists explore how African spirituality manifested itself and survived in contemporary Latin culture through the practice of Santería.

Paris Hilton Autopsy Sculpture Prank Spawns Obituary Contest

Daniel Edwards takes his latest prank, the mock autopsy statue of Paris Hilton, into the age of participatory media by running an Internet contest where people can submit obituaries of the late heiress.

Reality TV as Bloodsport: Dutch Contestants Play for Kidney Transplant

In Holland, a terminally ill woman offers a kidney for donation to the winner of a reality TV game show, in memory of a network executive who died waiting for a kidney.

Hoax Revealed: Dutch 'Big Donor' Reality TV Show a Fake

In a media-jamming stunt almost worthy of the Yes Men, the Dutch 'Big Donor' reality TV show has been revealed as a hoax by BNN to raise interest in the shortage of organ donors.


The reality of the 2008 campaign is rapidly leaving behind anything that even the Yes Men might fabricate-- Giuliani's supporters launch the ugliest fundraiser ever in Silicon Valley's Palo Alto.

Britney Spears Pregnancy Rumor Shows Media Ripe for Jamming

(no details available)

Agents of Change: Baroque Instruments and the Atlantic Slave Trade

This winter, travellers to Britain with an interest in history and baroque music can hear an unusual programme of Italian violin concertos and visit the blockbuster exhibition on the abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Event Calendar- Rightfully Yours,: - Canada • Toronto • Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

Through 12/30/2007 -- PCurated by Tejpal Singh Ajji, EMRightfully Yours,/EM considers artists' performative insertions into daily activities which implicate themselves in the politics and ethics of institutions, professions, sexuality, and nationalism. The a...

Event Calendar- Artistes De Garde / Headquarters and Diagnosis: - Denmark • Copenhagen • Gallery Poulsen

Through 1/22/2010 -- Gallery Poulsen acts as a Headquarters where Thierry Geoffroy, in collaboration with an investigation team consisting of artists, journalists, and hired detectives, will create artworks that comment on everything that happens around them in the context of the ...

Event Calendar- Precarious Identities: "Side Effects" Cycle - France • Paris • Jeu de Paume

Through 9/15/2012 -- PThe World Wide Web has gone from being a new, utopian space of exchange to a laboratory for the commodification of social relations. The industrial, academic, political and artistic worlds have all experienced this transition and each has reacted in i...

Event Calendar- Survival Kit 5: Slow Revolution: - Latvia • Riga • Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

Through 9/15/2013 -- According to the curatorial statement: With the strength gained from the peripheries, slow revolution is overturning positions of power and questioning the dominance of the centre. Evolving from the needs of individuals and neglecting hierarchy, the new strate...
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