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Events in Art and Archaeology

Roger Ballen: <EM>Vaporous,</EM> 2011 – part of <EM>Theatre of Apparitions</EM> © Roger BallenCourtesy of Hamiltons Gallery, London.
Roger Ballen: Vaporous, 2011 – part of Theatre of Apparitions © Roger Ballen
Courtesy of Hamiltons Gallery, London.
Roger Ballen: The Theatre of Apparitions
LONDON, ENGLAND  •  Hamiltons Gallery  •  17 March - 21 April 2017

Hamiltons presents Roger Ballen’s most recent body of work The Theatre of Apparitions for the first time as a series. The series takes the reader on a journey into their subconscious. Ballen’s choice of title is to convey the theatrical mechanics in which mental forms of life – dreams, the imagination and memories – act out on stage for the psyche.

“These are spirit drawings… they are the permanent record of a bubbling up of deeper, more primal psychological realms made manifest on a surface through the interaction between a particular individual and fluid, physical materials.” --Roger Ballen.

Ballen was inspired by hand-drawn carvings he saw on blacked-out windows in an abandoned women’s prison, where a prisoner had drawn figures into the black paint leaving herself with nothing but the dim light and stark walls. This led to Ballen’s own experimentation with spray paints on glass, on which Ballen would then either draw on or remove the paint from to let light through, resulting in otherworldly, pre-historic-like cave paintings. Like the unconscious, these drawings are timeless. The black, dimensionless spaces on the glass are canvases for Ballen’s thoughts to be carved.

“The images occupy a perceptual realm – a fragmented world of part-objects where fears of annihilation and chaotic perceptions merge reality and fantasy, self and other. These silhouettes are flickering archetypes originating from the collective unconscious of human kind.” --Roger Ballen.

Born in New York 1950, Roger Ballen has been based in Johannesburg, South Africa since the early 1980’s. The photographer was originally drawn to South Africa to work as a geologist, but his enthusiasm for photography strengthened and he has now been taking photographs there for more than thirty years. Now best known for his psychologically powerful and masterfully composed images, Ballen’s first venture into photography during his college years was primarily politically and socially oriented, with a photojournalistic angle. This outlook continued into his preliminary works taken in South Africa, as seen in his book Platteland: Images from Rural South Africa (1994). With an empathetic and journalistic attitude, Ballen portrayed white people living on the margins of society in remote rural towns.

These striking works broke a lot of taboos and were met with hesitance by the public. He later found himself becoming part of a community who lived within a three-storey warehouse in Johannesburg. Inhabited by those on the fringes of society - poor workers, witchdoctors, criminals, isolated individuals and animals - Ballen built a rapport during his frequent, often daily visits, and was able to photograph and record their primitive conditions. These powerful images were published in subsequent books Shadow Chamber (2005), Boarding House (2009) and Asylum (2011).

Hamiltons Gallery Website


Hamiltons Gallery
13 Carlos Place
London W1K 2EU

Tel: 44 (0) 207 499 9493

Sebastiano del Piombo: <EM>The Visitation</EM>, 1518 - 1519© The National Gallery, London
Sebastiano del Piombo: The Visitation, 1518 - 1519
© The National Gallery, London
Michelangelo & Sebastiano
LONDON, ENGLAND  •  The National Gallery  •  15 March - 25 June 2017

Having met in Rome in 1511, as Michelangelo was finishing his decoration of the Sistine Chapel ceiling, Sebastiano and he became friends and began collaborating artistically.

Their meeting sparked a remarkable 25-year friendship and partnership; yielding outstanding works of art that neither could have created without the other – against a backdrop of war and religious conflict, but also of great intellectual energy and artistic innovation.

Central to the exhibition are two of their collaborations: the 'Pietà' for S. Francesco in Viterbo (c.1512–16) and The Raising of Lazarus, painted for the Cathedral of Narbonne in France, and one of the foundational works in the National Gallery Collection.

The exhibition also features the exceptional loan of Michelangelo’s The Risen Christ (1514–15) from the Church of S. Vincenzo Martire in Bassano Romano, Italy, and a cutting-edge recreation of the Borgherini Chapel in S. Pietro in Montorio, Rome – decorated by Sebastiano to partial designs by Michelangelo.

Comprising paintings, drawings, sculpture, and letters, the show documents the correspondence between the artists.

The National Gallery Website

Contact: The National Gallery
Trafalgar Square
London WC2N 5DN
Tel: (44) 0800 912 69 58

Events in Pop Culture and Cinema

Wildlife Photographer of the Year© Sam Hobson
Wildlife Photographer of the Year
© Sam Hobson
Wildlife Photographer of the Year
LONDON, ENGLAND  •  Natural History Museum, London  •  21 October 2016 - 10 September 2017

This year’s competition was the most competitive to date, attracting almost 50,000 entries from professionals and amateurs across 95 countries.

Judged by a panel of international experts, winning images are selected for their creativity, originality and technical excellence.

The exhibition features the collection of 100 exceptional images, revealing the astonishing diversity of life on our planet and highlighting our crucial role in protecting it.

Natural History Museum, London Website

Contact: Natural History Museum, London
Cromwell Rd, London SW7 5BD
United Kingdom
Tel: (44) 20 7942 500

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