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Calendar: Italy

Events in Art and Archaeology

Parmigianino:<EM> Conversion of Saul</EM>&nbsp;Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Parmigianino: Conversion of Saul 
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Correggio and Parmigianino: Art in Parma during the 16th century
ROME, ITALY  •  Scuderie del Quirinale  •  12 March - 26 June 2016

The exhibition aims to allow visitors to avail themselves of a selection of masterpieces from some of the world's leading museums to compare and contrast the artistic careers of two of the greatest luminaries of the Italian Renaissance – Antonio Allegri known as Correggio (1489-1534) and Francesco Mazzola known as Parmigianino (1503-40). The formidable talent of these two artists alone placed the city of Parma in the early 16th century on an equal footing with the peninsula's other great art capitals, Rome, Florence and Venice. 

Correggio only travelled to Parma when he was already at the height of his career, in the late 1510s, but he was to remain in the city for the rest of his life.  Some twenty of his paintings, covering his entire career, have been selected to underscore the extraordinary emotive force and expressive range that the artist put not only into his religious works but also into his mythological paintings, which were to have such a huge impact on later artists, ranging from the Carracci brothers to Watteau and even to Picasso.

The exhibition Correggio e Parmigianino. Arte a Parma nel Ciquecento (Correggio and Parmigianino. Art in Parma during the 16th century) hosts such unquestioned masterpieces as the Barrymore Madonna from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, the Portrait of a Lady from the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, the Martyrdom of Four Saints from the Galleria Nazionale in Parma, the Noli Me Tangere from the Museo del Prado in Madrid, the School of Love from the National Gallery in London and the Danaë from Rome's Galleria Borghese.

The Parmigianino paintings on display include his large Bardi Altarpiece, the first work he ever painted at the age of only sixteen, a monumental St. Roch which he painted for the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna, the Conversion of Saul from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, the San Zaccaria Madonna from the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, his extremely celebrated Turkish Slave from the Galleria Nazionale in Parma and his so-called Anthea, one of the most sophisticated and mysterious portraits of the entire 16th century.

Scuderie del Quirinale Website

Contact: Scuderie del Quirinale
Via XXIV Maggio 16
Tel: (39) 06 69 62 71

Prototypology: An Index of Process and Mutation
ROME, ITALY  •  Gagosian Gallery Rome  •  14 January - 2 April 2016

Prototypology explores research and development in the work of thirty contemporary artists, tracing the evolution from idea to finished artwork through drawings, archives, maquettes, and bricolage. In doing so the exhibition establishes a typology of diverse drafts.

The studio is a liminal zone for sourcing, modifying, and testing. Derived from the Italian word schizzare (splash), a "sketch" represents the initial impulse from mind to hand, the developmental process whereby form begins to emerge. In the laboratory of the studio, bricolage is often used as an instinctual method in the construction of prototypes.

The exhibition includes new works and archival material from Michael Heizer, Takashi Murakami, Albert Oehlen, and Robert Therrien, among other artists. Studies for sculptures by Dan Graham, Claes Oldenburg, Tatiana Trouvé, and Rachel Whiteread reveal moments of process that lead to epiphanies. Monumental, civic, everyday, and otherworldly gestures are visible in a range of preparatory drawings and proposals.

Artists: Vladimir Arkhipov, Richard Artschwager, Nina Beier, Will Boone, Mike Bouchet, Chris Burden, Jason Dodge, Aleksandra Domanović, Dan Graham, Loris Gréaud, Michael Heizer, Carsten Höller, Thomas Houseago, Allan McCollum, Takashi Murakami, Albert Oehlen, Claes Oldenburg, Steven Parrino, Giuseppe Penone, Kirsten Pieroth, Ry Rocklen, Nancy Rubins, Arcangelo Sassolino, David Smith, Rudolf Stingel, Robert Therrien, Mungo Thomson, Tatiana Trouvé, Cy Twombly, Rachel Whiteread

Gagosian Gallery Rome Website

Contact: Gagosian Gallery Rome
Via Francesco Crispi 16
00187 Rome
Tel: (39) 6 42 08 64 98

Events in Pop Culture and Cinema

Books that have made Europe
ROME, ITALY  •  Accademia dei Lincei  •  31 March - 22 July 2016

"The exhibition was designed to show that Europe means plurality of cultures because, with the Mediterranean Sea, it was at the junction of three continents (Africa, Asia and Europe)," curator Roberto Antonelli told AFP.

"It is no coincidence that so many cultures and languages crossed here," he said at a presentation to the press.

Nearly 190 works are displayed in the library of the prestigious Lincean Academy in Rome's Trastevere district, a science academy founded in 1603 and named after the lynx, an animal with the sharp vision science demands.

Books, manuscripts, codices and encyclopedias in Latin, Greek, Chaldean, Arabic and Hebrew, borrowed from Roman and Vatican libraries, are on display in over 40 display cases -- eight of which are bulletproof.

They show "that it is culture which unites us as Europeans. That is the strong message which emerges from the exhibition, even more than its great scientific value," said Rosanna Rummo, head of Italy's state libraries.

Accademia dei Lincei Website

Contact: Accademia dei Lincei
Via della Lungara, 10
00165 Roma
Tel: (39) 06 68 02 71

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