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Events in Art and Archaeology

Mella Jaarsma: <EM>Until Time is Old</EM>, 2014Sea urchins, stainless steel, thread, clips, fabric80 x 280 x 150 cm. Courtesy the artistPhotograph: Mie Cornoedus
Mella Jaarsma: Until Time is Old, 2014
Sea urchins, stainless steel, thread, clips, fabric
80 x 280 x 150 cm. Courtesy the artist
Photograph: Mie Cornoedus
20th Biennale of Sydney: The future is already here — it’s just not evenly distributed
SYDNEY  •  various venues  •  18 March - 5 June 2016

The Asia Pacific region’s largest contemporary visual arts event features 83 artists hailing from 35 countries and is presented free to the public across seven venues or ‘Embassies of Thought’ and multiple ‘in-between spaces’ around the inner city. The exhibition is supplemented by a comprehensive schedule of public programs including daily guided tours, artist and curator-led talks, lectures, workshops, salons, reading groups and gatherings.

The Biennale’s seven ‘Embassies of Thought’ are: Cockatoo Island (Embassy of the Real); Art Gallery of New South Wales (Embassy of Spirits); Carriageworks (Embassy of
Disappearance); Artspace (Embassy of Non-Participation); Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (Embassy of Translation); a roving bookshop (Embassy of Stanislaw Lem) and first time venue Mortuary Station (Embassy of Transition).
Performance is an integral part of the 20th Biennale, presented at each embassy and at in-between locations by artists including: boychild, Boris Charmatz, Neha Choksi, Mette Edvardsen, Mella Jaarsma, Lee Mingwei, Adam Linder, and Justene Williams, who is collaborating with Sydney Chamber Opera.

More than half of the 200 artworks in the exhibition have been specially commissioned for the 20th Biennale of Sydney. More than a third of artworks are presented at venues in Sydney’s inner west.

In addition to artworks presented across the seven embassies, the 20th Biennale commissioned twelve site-specific projects taking place at locations throughout inner Sydney, including a new work by Swedish artist Bo Christian Larsson that will unfold over the course of three months at Camperdown Cemetery. In a former gallery space in Redfern, artist collective Brown Council (Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore, Kelly Doley and Diana Smith) present a new participatory performance about how we recall the past and imagine the future.

20th Biennale of Sydney Website


Gods, Myths and Mortals: Greek Treasures Across the Millennia from the Benaki Museum
MELBOURNE  •  Hellenic Museum of Melbourne  •  10 September 2014 - 10 October 2019

The exhibition: Gods, Myths and Mortals: Greek Treasures Across the Millennia from the Benaki Museum, offers a manageable, yet complete, picture of the span of Greek civilisation. 

It highlights the unbroken continuation and unity of Hellenism, from earliest prehistory to the Classical and Hellenistic years, from the Roman era to the end of the Byzantine period, and from the centuries of foreign rule up to the revolutionary revival of 1821, and the founding of the Modern Greek state. The captivating progression of Greek art, and the twists and turns of Greece’s history are narrated by representative objects from almost eight millennia, coming as much from Greece itself as from lands where Greek culture took hold. At this crossroads between Europe, Africa and Asia, man – despite long periods of unrest and insecurity – managed to maintain the essential components of his civilisation: an anthropocentric view of the world, lively and inspirational thinking and the fruitful assimilation of as many influences as were accepted from its conquerors over time. 

In the exhibition of the Benaki Museum, aspects of everyday life and different sides of religious expression are presented together with documents about the social and political organisation, in order to record the narrative that can be read within the development of Greek civilisation. 

Hellenic Museum of Melbourne Website


Hellenic Museum of Melbourne
280 William Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Tel: 61 3 8615 9016

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