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Events in Art and Archaeology

VikingsPhoto: Canadian Museum of History
Photo: Canadian Museum of History
GATINEAU, QUÉBEC  •  Canadian Museum of History  •  3 December 2015 - 17 April 2016

Drawing on the latest archaeological discoveries, Vikings takes visitors beyond the one-dimensional stereotype of marauding barbarians and reveals an ancient Scandinavian culture of surprising refinement, complexity and achievement.

The exhibition features almost 500 original artifacts selected from the unrivalled collections of The Swedish History Museum in Stockholm. Many of the objects are rarely displayed outside of Scandinavia. Currently on a 10-country international tour, Vikings has already captivated over a million museum visitors in Europe, Australia and other parts of North America.

Vikings paints an intimate and intriguing portrait of a largely agrarian society whose reach extended a thousand years ago from northern Europe to the Middle East. It explores Viking home life and fashion, trade and commerce, and rituals and beliefs, including a supernatural world inhabited by Thor, Odin and other gods and giants. The exhibition pays particular attention to the prominent role of women in a culture better known today for its bearded warriors.

Most of the artifacts date from the Viking Age of Scandinavian history, roughly the 8th to 12th centuries. They include delicate beaded jewellery, intimidating iron swords, miniatures representing Norse gods, a broad assortment of ancient tools and handicrafts, and even a pair of bone-bladed ice skates.

The exhibition is further enhanced with a variety of engaging interactive elements.

Canadian Museum of History Website

Contact: Canadian Museum of History
100 Rue Laurier
Gatineau, QC K1A 0M8

Tel: 1-800-555-5621

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