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Events in Art and Archaeology

Vik Muniz: Verso
THE HAGUE  •  Mauritshuis  •  9 June - 4 September 2016

The exhibition Vik Muniz: Verso reveals not the fronts of world famous paintings, like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Vermeer's The Girl with a Pearl Earring, but their backs. For this exhibition, celebrated Brazilian artist Vik Muniz has created a total of five new works based on paintings in the Mauritshuis collection to augment his existing Verso series.

For Muniz, the back of every painting is unique; the holes, the metal brackets, the labels and all the other markings it acquires tell the story of its past. As the years go by the back of a painting changes. New owners make their mark. The latest processes leave an imprint.

The back reveals the materials from which the painting is made - stretchers, canvas or panel - and shows details of the frame and any other safety measure taken while it was on display. It is only ever seen by the museum staff. And it is this, the more intimate side of a famous masterpiece, that Muniz seeks to share with the visitor.

Vik Muniz began photographing the backs of famous paintings in 2002. In his book Reflex (2005) he expressed a desire to make life-size prints of the photographs and exhibit them. His first, meticulous, 3D copies of the reverse sides were made in 2008. He called them 'Versos', perfect imitations of the side that normally faces the wall.

Mauritshuis Website


Plein 29
2511 CS Den Haag
The Netherlands


Tel: 31 (0)70 302 3456

Events in Pop Culture and Cinema

De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam<EM>Journey in Time: History &amp; Royalty</EM>
De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam
Journey in Time: History & Royalty
Journey in Time: History & Royalty
AMSTERDAM  •  De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam  •  16 July - 9 September 2016

De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam presents an attraction, in which the visitor steps back in time into the history of the Netherlands and the House of Orange. With video walls, projections, audio guides and almost daily heavenly music from the largest historic organ in the Netherlands, six hundred years of Dutch history are palpable. It is a journey along medieval secrets, royal ceremonies, Iconoclasm, spirited citizens and the Dutch sea heroes that  lie buried there.

On 28 June 1633, Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit married in De Nieuwe Kerk and shortly afterwards their first son Hendrik was baptised here too. The young couple had themselves immortalised by Rembrandt in the famous pendant portraits that can now be seen  in the Rijksmuseum. A Marten and Oopjen tour through seventeenth-century Amsterdam leads to various places including De Nieuwe Kerk. 

Daily music

Just like in the seventeenth century, there is music every day in De Nieuwe Kerk. The organ plays at 12 noon daily (except Tuesdays). The music programme on Tuesdays comprises exceptional performances by Fuse (known from the Dutch TV programme Podium Witteman), Spinvis with Ensemble Zerafin, Diamanda Dramm & James Oesi and PA’Dam. The programme can be viewed at

De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam Website

Contact: De Nieuwe Kerk
Dam Square
Tel: (31) 020 638 69 09

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