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Events in Art and Archaeology

<P>Pieter Hugo: </P>

Pieter Hugo:

Rwanda 20 Years’
DEN HAGUE  •  Atrium of The Hague City Hall / Nutshuis  •  1 April - 13 June 2014

For the project photographers Pieter Hugo and Lana Mesić travelled to Rwanda to research the notion of forgiveness around the drama of 20 years ago and to capture it in images.

The South African photographer Pieter Hugo is known primarily for his direct, penetrating portraits, making him one of the biggest names in contemporary photography. In her photography the Croatian-Dutch  Lana Mesić seeks out the boundary between reality and illusion.

The exhibition Rwanda 20 Years will travel through the Netherlands and Rwanda during the commemoration year of 2014.

During the first 100 days the exhibition can be seen in The Hague. First from 1 to 11 April in the Atrium of The Hague City Hall and then from 21 April to 13 June in a more extensive exhibition in the Nutshuis and its adjacent garden. A programme with film evenings, talks and special tours will also be held in the Nutshuis . Attention will be paid to Rwanda 20 Years during The Hague Freedom Weeks and the Liberation Festival in The Hague on 5 May 2014.

Creative Court develops art projects on peace and justice from The Hague. Rwanda 20 Years was developed with support from the Mondriaan Fonds and in cooperation with the Nutshuis.

Nutshuis Website

Contact: Nutshuis
Riviervismarkt 5
2513 AM Den Haag

Tel: (31) 70 345 9090

Willem van Aelst: <EM>Still Life with Flowers,</EM> undatedOil paint, 79 x 64 cm© Rau Collection for UNICEF, ColognePhoto: Mick Vincenz, Essen
Willem van Aelst: Still Life with Flowers, undated
Oil paint, 79 x 64 cm
© Rau Collection for UNICEF, Cologne
Photo: Mick Vincenz, Essen
Natural Beauty– from Fra Angelico to Monet: Rau Collection for UNICEF
GRONINGEN  •  Groninger Museum  •  A catalogue accompanies the exhibition

The Natural Beauty exhibition presents landscapes and still lifes from the collection of Gustav Rau (1922-2002), a German tropical doctor and art collector. Masterpieces by Fra Angelico, Van Goyen, Van der Neer, Bonnard, Fantin-Latour, Monet, Liebermann, Sérusier, Vuillard, Sisley, Morandi and others are on view.

Gustav Rau was the sole heir to his father’s empire of automobile companies. He worked as a tropical doctor in Zaire, as the current Democratic Republic of the Congo was then called. Every year, Rau paid a few visits to Europe to participate in art auctions, and thus accumulated a unique collection of approximately eight hundred paintings and sculptures. The collection provides an overview of five centuries of European art history.

Gustav Rau’s collection remained hidden to the outside world for many years. It was only in 1999 that the artworks first came into the public domain. In 2001, a year before his death, the collection was handed over to UNICEF.

The Natural Beauty exhibition in the Groninger Museum presents landscapes and still lifes from the Rau collection: nature viewed from a distance and from close-by. The centre of gravity is formed by still lifes from the 17th century and landscapes from the 20th century.

The exhibition is supplemented with similar work from the collection of the Groninger Museum. 

A catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Groninger Museum Website

Contact: Groninger Museum
Museumeiland 1
9711 ME Groningen
The Netherlands
Tel: (31) 50 36 66 555

Félix Vallotton: <EM>Le Retour de la mer</EM>, 1924© Musée d’art et d’histoire, Ville de Genève
Félix Vallotton: Le Retour de la mer, 1924
© Musée d’art et d’histoire, Ville de Genève
Félix Vallotton. Fire beneath the ice
AMSTERDAM  •  Van Gogh Museum  •  14 February - 1 June 2014

During the 1890s the Franco-Swiss artist Félix Vallotton (1865-1925) belonged to the group of artists known as Les Nabis (the prophets). This circle of young, avant-garde artists embarked on a new path whose highly decorative style of art was influenced by Gauguin and Japanese prints. The Van Gogh Museum has an important collection of works on paper by Les Nabis, which includes a large number of woodcuts by Vallotton.

The exhibition Félix Vallotton. Fire beneath the ice displays a mixture of paintings and prints. Around 60 paintings from various international museums, such as the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, the Kunsthaus Zürich, The Baltimore Museum of Art, The Art Institute of Chicago and various private collections, combined with some 40 prints from the Van Gogh Museum’s collection provide an overview of every facet of Vallotton’s oeuvre.

Van Gogh Museum Website

Contact: Van Gogh Museum
Stadhouderskade 55
1072 AB Amsterdam
Tel: (31) 20 570 52 00

<P>Miles Aldridge: <EM>Chromo Thriller #3</EM>Chromogenic print, 153 x 202 cm,Edition of&nbsp;6Courtesy Galerie Alex Daniels - Reflex Amsterdam and Miles Aldridge</P> • <P>&nbsp;</P>

Miles Aldridge: Chromo Thriller #3
Chromogenic print, 153 x 202 cm,
Edition of 6
Courtesy Galerie Alex Daniels - Reflex Amsterdam and Miles Aldridge


Miles Aldridge: Vanitas: One Black & White and Twenty Four Colour Photographs
AMSTERDAM  •  Galerie Alex Daniels - Reflex Amsterdam  •  8 March - 10 May 2014

British fashion photographer Miles Aldridge's new solo show consists of 24 large scale colour photogrpahs and one black&white photograph. Miles Aldridge (born 1964), born in London, studied at Central St. Martins, became a director of music videos, and then a fashion photographer in the 1990s. His work mixes autobiographical themes with influences as wide ranging as the fashion photographer Richard Avedon, film directors like Hitchcock, Lynch and Fellini and his father Alan Aldridge, the legendary art director, who created seminal artworks for The Beatles.

Miles Aldridge's photographs are mostly known for the beautiful, glamorous women who seem to be living in perfect worlds. But when you look closer, their worlds aren’t as perfect as they seem. It’s a dream that could just as easily turn into a nightmare.

A new book, One Black&White And Nineteen Colour Photographs By Miles Aldridge, will be published by Reflex Editions Amsterdam and launched at the opening. The artist will be present for book signing.

Galerie Alex Daniels - Reflex Website


Galerie Alex Daniels - Reflex
Weteringschans 79A
1017 RX Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Tel: (31) 20 627 2832

Events in Jazz

Roy Hargrove Quintet
AMSTERDAM  •  Bimhuis  •  24 April 2014
Roy Hargrove Quintet

Bimhuis Website

Detailed schedule information:

Contact: Bimhuis
Piet Heinkade 3
1019 Amsterdam

Tel: (31) 020 7 882 188

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